25% Of All Website Is Now Powered By WordPress

By F.A Mollick

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WordPress is known to be the No. 1 content management system (CMS) today. Well WordPress  has reached a new milestone. According to the newest data from W3Techs now it powers 25 percent of all websites worldwide. W3Techs is a company that tracks the usage of different web technologies.  WordPress is a open source application that completely built with PHP.

Lets see the chart below:



Well from the chart you can see that Joomla is just after wordpress. The chart has shown the statistics from 2011 to 2015 and now about 30% of all new websites are powered by WordPress.

Well the main reason behind the popularity of WordPress is for the simplicity and the availability of a lots of plugins and themes. Using WordPress one can build approximately any kind of website using proper plugin or sometimes all the features and plugin facility are the part of the WordPress theme.

The latest data comes from W3Techs: “WordPress is used by 58.7% of all the websites whose content management system we know. This is 25.0% of all websites.” While these numbers naturally fluctuate over the course of the month, the general trend for WordPress has been slow but steady growth.

Day by day the popularity of using WordPress is gradually increasing and about 30% among all the new websites are creating today are using WordPress technology. Every year new version of WordPress coming out with a new default theme. Many IT company are taking employer of skills WordPress developer. Today the WordPress plugin and theme developer has a great demand in lots of IT company. Many freelancers are also working as WordPress developer.



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