3 Ways of Building Your Own Multi Vendor Marketplace Business Without and Coding Skills

By F.A Mollick

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Do you want to build your own multi vendor marketplace online? Do you think that it is a problem to build your own online marketplace without any coding skills? Than here is the solution for you in this blog. Thee are three ways to do it. Choose any one which you prefer and like most.

  1. Use ready made marketplace theme for wordpress

There are some ready made marketplace themes available for do this job. Just install a marketplace theme for wordpress. You can set the payment method within the wp-admin dashboard area. No programming and coding skills required, Just add payment settings. Payment system can be include PayPal, Google wallet, 2checkout, Payza or any other payment gateway.

2. Hire freelancers

A lots of freelancers are available today that you can find them from freelancer.com, Elance.com, Outsource.com and lots of more. They will do the work for you. Choose a freelancer with most positive ratings and review to become sure to get a professional freelancer for a quality work.

3. Buy ready made PHP script for marketplace site

You can find a lots of ready made PHP scripts available online which can be use for building a multi vendor marketplace website. this is not so difficult to install the PHP script on the hosting server. Some of the examples of multi vendor marketplace PHP scripts are Admire, B2C Marketplace, Etsy Clone etc. There are available lots of others. You can find it by search online through search engines.


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