EyeSwift is my online blog which helps peoples by providing various types of useful informationĀ in blogging, WordPress, online business, hosting reviews, SEO and much more.

In my blog, you will find many of the articles which may help you to make a successful blog. The main purpose of EyeSwift is focused completely on helping newbies bloggers to improve their blog so that they can become successful in blogging and can take blogging as their career.

Also, my blog is containing with many other useful thinks, SEO tools, WordPress plugins that a blogger can find helpful.

Well, previously I started the blog as multi-niche. But as the time passed I learn more about blogging and SEO. Then I realize that I did a big mistake. After that, I focused my blog on a niche and deleted my old posts that are not related to my blogging niche.

About me

My name is Faruque Ahamed Mollick, the founder, and author of this blog. I am from Murshidabad, West Bengal. I have lived for a long time of my life in Plassey, Nadia and completed my school life there. Currently, I am living in Kolkata. I am reading in the final year of my engineering course and for this purpose, I am in Kolkata.

EyeSwift is my online home and blogging is my passion.