Google chrome is not opening ? See how I solved it when I once faced the problem on Windows 7?

By F.A Mollick

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Google chrome is most popular and modern web browser now . It really so irritating when you face the problem when google chrome is not opening. Once also faced the problem. I am going to tell you how I solved it on my windows 7 PC.

May be  your problem will be also solved if you follow the way that I did to solve it. At least I think so. Lets see what i did:

First i was searching for the solution on internet. As I was not able to open google chrome so I had to search online for the solution by using internet explorer as it was the only browser remaining when I was not able to open google chrome. After trying some tips and suggestion that I got from internet I was not able to solve the problem and it was really irritating. Lastly I have got an idea and I thought i should try it. Than i found that the idea came from my mind really works. lets see what I did.

After lots of searching on internet I just thought about the antivirus that I use. i use Avast antivirus. So I thought if I scan the google chrome directory through avast antivirus , will it work ?  Than I tried by right click  and than choose the scan option through avast antivirus. I than found a thread found. I recovered it automatically by removing the thread. After that I try to open the Google Chrome. Than i found that I was able to successfully open my Google Chrome again. It was really amazing at the moment.

From the above solution that I did, I used Avast antivirus. But I think that you can use any popular antivirus and with that antivirus remove the thread that you will find and may be your Google Chrome will also open again.

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