SOLVE IT THE PHP WAY! – PHP used by 80% of all the websites

By F.A Mollick

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PHP is used by 80% of all the websites whose server-side programming language we know.
The PHP language – a server side script to be exact, and its developer communities have seen phenomenal growth in the last few years of its inception.It is going to be hard to keep up with the pace of new development in the coming years, and much harder to keep the sites up-to-date because the market demands it.

Now, here we are giving you some of the features of this language that has been inspired from many other languages such as C, Python or Java to name a few.

a. A successful product of the open source initiative that means that there is a large community support along with an extensive set of libraries that can be used to enhance the functionality of the language.

b.Support and great documentation for the Raw HTTP headers that are frequently used in authentications,certifications and other high level site designs.

c.In built Access Control Mechanism will accord to create rules and regulations for dissimilar individuals that are using your website or application. Most pages can be password protected while others can be made restricted and limited based on the user accessing it.

d. Easily incorporated with several other open source programs and softwares without postulating any extra plugins or libraries. The language caters in built support and documentation for PostgresSQL, MySQL and Apache Modules.

e. Access logging support provides the real time access monitoring and maintains a immediate sum-up of the pages that are owned and maintained by particular users.

f. A large,more prominent and broad support for the regular expressions that are used to a great extent for matching patterns and substitutions. You can perform a variety of string related tasks like compression,densification, manipulations, etc.

g. Besides this the language has all the features that an advanced modern language should possess and have. It has all the features of OOPS as well procedural languages.

A computer programmer creates PHP code to perform a function on the server before any data is sent to your computer. PHP is frequently used for content management systems, forums and blogs. Anything that requires permanent data storage and/or to remember and store something to access will use ASP or PHP, Ruby and several other server side languages.

Additionally, PHP files are processed by the PHP engine on the server therefore the browser renders them faster. PHP even comes with a inherent web server that reposes local testing, and it runs in a matter of seconds. PHP is flexible for database connectivity and known for its database flexibility. It can connect to several databases the most commonly used is the MySQL & It is available to use for free. If ASP is used, MS-SQL, a Microsoft product must be purchased.


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