How Much Money Food Bloggers Make from Their Blog

If you search for a recipe on Google and click on a result, then probably you are going to landing on a food blog page. On Pinterest also you may find the food category so popular. If you like some food-related Pin on Pinterest and click on it, then the blog you will be land on will also mostly a food blog.

You may also want to start your own food blog. But you may wonder how much money you can make from a food blog.

You may also think about how all the other food bloggers make money from their blogs.

So here in this article, I will try my best to remove all the confusion from your mind and give you a clear idea of how much money food bloggers make.

If you are thinking to start your food blog to make a profit from it, then it is important for you to understand all the factors that affect on earning of a food blog.

So how much food bloggers make?

Maybe, you wish to get a clear-cut answer in the form of numbers that represents the amount. But it is not possible to give the answer in one or two words or in a sentence.

This is because there are multiple factors that are there to decide how much money a food blog can make.

Now I am going to discuss major factors that decide how much a blog will earn.


One of the major factors among them is the traffic amount that the blog is receiving. The more traffic a blog gets, the more revenue it can generate.

But, wait… All the traffic is not the same.

For example, if a food blog receiving 100k monthly traffic from the United States and there is another blog in the same niche receiving the same amount of traffic from India then the traffic from the US will generate more revenue than the blog with majority Indian traffic.

Even traffic sources also matter a lot. For example, organic search traffic from search engines like Google have more conversion rate than traffic from Facebook. So if you are selling your own product on the blog, then organic traffic from Google will have higher chances of buying it than users from Facebook.

There is a number of other factors also there. But these are the main factors I have mentioned above.


Now here I am going to give you an estimation and rough idea of how much money food bloggers can make depending upon various factors.

If your food blog is getting 100k monthly visitors, the majority traffic comes from the United States and using premium ad networks like Mediavine or AdThrive, then your monthly earnings will be almost from $2500 to $3500.

Please note that I have not included the earnings of an affiliate or sponsored posts. If you use affiliate programs and getting sponsored posts on your blog, your earnings will be further increased.

The earnings of affiliate income further depend on how you can use it effectively and what is your strategies.


On the other hand, if your food blog is getting majority traffic from India and getting 100k visits per month then the estimated earnings can be between $700 to $1000. The earning opportunity from affiliate sales will also be lower compared to the blog with majority U.S traffic.


Food bloggers and their revenue

Now I want to give you some examples of well-established food blogs and their owner and of course the revenue they published on their blog.

If you look at the top established food bloggers, then you will see their earnings are from $50000 to $100000 in just one month by food blogging.

Pinch of Yum is an established food blog that started in 2009. A husband and wife are behind this food blog. In December 2016 this blog was making $65000 in a month.

The Clean Eating Couple is another blog that made a total of $150,000 in the year 2019 which is approximately $12500 in each month of that year. This blog using the Mediavine ad network on their blog. With Mediavine they earned $73003, $50,020 from affiliate programs, and $42,390 from sponsored posts.

A Sassy Spoon made $100k in 2019 which is almost $8300 per month. This blog uses AdThrive and it generates $63759. Also, from sponsored posts, it earned $29266, from freelance photography $5118.51, from business coaching $18400.63 and from affiliate marketing $800.

Butternut Bakery is another blog that earns $5,041 every month according to the income report of 2019.

And there are lots of more examples available.

I know that the numbers I gave above may blow your mind. But this is true that they earn exactly that amount from their blog.


Food blogging suggestions to make money

So from the above content, you can find it is actually possible to make a good profit from a food blog. But all these successful bloggers did not get the position overnight.

It cost hard work, passion and strategies to establish a food blog and even any kind of blog to convert it into a money-making machine.

If you also want to start your food blog, then I always welcome. There are lots of opportunities available in food blogging to make money from home online.

Well, I suggest you start with a micro-niche under the food blogging niche. It is easier for a micro-niche blog to rank on Google. The more you rank better on Google, the more you will earn.

Below are some of the micro-niche examples:

  • Mexican Food
  • Japanese Food
  • Indian Food
  • Steamed Food Recipes
  • Grilled Food
  • Sea Foods
  • Family-friendly Meals

And there are so on…

You can also choose your own micro-niche.

Well, I have mentioned some micro-niches don’t mean you have to choose among them. These are just to let you understand what is a micro-niche blog actually.

I hope you have understood what is a micro-niche. Well, you can think wisely and choose your own micro-niche.

Pinterest is one of the best traffic sources for a food blog

There are some food bloggers who receive their main source of traffic from Pinterest. The food category plays really well on Pinterest. Also, majority of users on Pinterest are from the United States and 70% of users are female.

I suggest you to try Pinterest to drive traffic on your food blog. getting the majority of traffic by Pinning on Pinterest and in one month this blog earned $25000. This is only possible for her because of Pinterest.

So that’s the power of Pinterest and you also have to realize the fact.

I hope you have understood why I suggest you to use Pinterest to grow your traffic.



After reading the above content and by looking at some of the successful blogs, we can reach the conclusion that food blogging can help to make plenty of money. There is no doubt about this.

And all the money will come to you just working from home. So is there anything good then blogging? What do you think?

I hope you will soon decide to start your food blog and start making a profit.

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