Use YouTube to get a huge traffic on your blog – Easy ways

In this article, we will be discussing some easy ways to get a huge amount of traffic on your blog from your YouTube videos.

Requirements to get traffic on blog from YouTube videos

  1. Your own YouTube channel.
  2. Good quality videos. (I am not talking about the HD video, I am talking about the quality content)
  3. Put your blog link in the description of your video.
  4. Be reliable to your viewers on YouTube.
  5. Write something extra on your blog that is not there on your YouTube video.
  6. Avoid putting irrelevant links.
  7. Don’t rush for only getting clicks on your blog link from your video
  8. And finally patience.

If you follow the above points and implement, I can assure you are going to get huge traffic.

I am going to explain each and every step in a much easier way and will give some tips at the end of this blog.

The first step is having a YouTube channel to get traffic on your blog

If you are already having a YouTube channel that is great. If not then here are tips that you must follow:

As you know every blog website should falls in a particular niche. The niche might be broad or micro. If you don’t know about niche read this Why choosing a perfect niche for your blog is necessary?

So if you want to drive traffic on your food blogging then your YouTube channel should be focussed on food. You should upload food-related blogs.

For example, if I want to drive traffic on this blog, then I will create a YouTube channel that will discuss blogging, money making, etc.

Create a channel wisely with a perfect description.

Good quality content on YouTube can help you to drag traffic to your blog

I hope you already know what I am trying to mean by good quality content. As we bloggers, always do our best research to provide the best content on our blog, in a similar way you will have to upload good quality videos on your YouTube channel.

For example, if I want to drive traffic on this article from my YouTube channel, I will create a video on “How to get traffic on your blog from YouTube video”. Then I will start with a short introduction then I will tell the main points that should be followed. Thereafter, I will explain in the best possible way so that my viewers get benefitted from my video.

Then I will put this article link in the description of my video. I will tell my viewers to check this link out to get some pro tips.

Add article link where you want to drive traffic – Add link in the description of your video

Add link or links in the description of your video so that viewers can visit your blog page or article easily. Try not to add excessive links.

Make sure that the link is active. Test the link before publishing your content.


Adding the right article/blog link in the right YouTube video

I mean to say that you need to put the relevant link to your video content in the description. If your video is about “How to swim” then you should put the relevant blog link which will discuss swimming not riding a bike. I hope you got my point.

Being reliable on YouTube is essential to get quality traffic on your blog

Have you ever experienced that you watched a video on YouTube seeing the title of the video? But after watching that you feel like this title is inappropriate. The uploader just added this video to get some clicks on that video.

Avoid doing such things. If people find out that your videos are not worth watching and is a waste of time. Then viewers will never click on your blog links from the video description. This will also give a signal to YouTube algorithm that your video should not appear on the recommendation or search results. Believe me, if this happens to you then all your hard works will come out like a big Zero.

Write something extra on your blog which you will not cover in your video

So, this is a special tactic to get traffic on your blog. If you tell your viewers that you have written something interesting and important which is not included in the video, then people will love to visit your blog from the link given in the description.

For example, if I want to get some traffic from YouTube video on this particular article, then I will tell my viewers that click the link below in the description to learn some pro tips on this topic which I am not going to cover in this video.

Don’t be hurry to get traffics from your video

Your first aim should be to become a reliable content creator on YouTube, so that everyone can trust you and your content. So, you should work hard on content creation and wait for good results.

Pro Tips for getting traffic from your videos on YouTube:

  1. Don’t give fake promises like “click the link below and you will get this” or “click the link below you will learn this”. Just tell the truth. Only tell them to click on the link mentioning what they will get after visiting your blog. Because with fake promises, you may get some clicks but if you are looking for long-term achievements then tell what is true.
  2. ¬†Don’t make videos only for the sake of getting traffic on your blog.
  3. Don’t be selfish. Don’t overemphasize to tell your viewers to click the link or visit your blog. Remember that if you take care of your viewer’s benefit they can give you benefit.

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