How to promote your small business using Facebook?

Facebook is the most popular social media platform where peoples can connect with each other and can share posts. Anyone who familiar with the internet knows about Facebook. Peoples come on this social media platform, send messages to their friends, post photos, videos and text, share and like other’s post and more.

I hope you also use Facebook to connect with peoples and friends near you and most probably you use come online and use Facebook in your daily life.

But do you know that Facebook also has a great value for small business?

Yes, small business owners can promote their business on Facebook. If you also have a small business, then you can promote your business using Facebook. Very few business owners may think about promoting their business on Facebook.

Here in this post, I am going to tell you how you can promote your small business using Facebook so that you can get inspired and introduced to the new ideas of using Facebook as the business promoter.

Here are some of the great ways of using Facebook for your small business:

Create a fan page to present your business

Today, having a fan page is almost must have for any kind of business. By creating a fan page on Facebook for your business you are actually representing your brand online completely in free of cost. You can also search for a business on Facebook you know in the real world. You may find the Facebook fan page of that business.

Represent yourself

It also can be found that sometimes peoples are interested in you as the business owner. If you are the face of your business or you want to brand your business by your name then you can open the Subscribe button on your personal profile. Some peoples may want to connect with you personally rather than on a Facebook Page with a logo.


Create group on Facebook

Facebook group is a nice way to promote your business. You can create a group for your business where peoples can join and post content on the group. Thus your business will come in front to peoples.

Join group related to your business

You can join a group on Facebook that is related to your business. Thus if you post content related to your business on that group, it will reach to lots of peoples that are already a member of the group. It will help you lots as you will get targeted viewers that are interested in something that your business provides.

You can search for the group on Facebook. After searching choose some of the most suitable groups that similar to your business and also have a large number of members. After that join these groups and then start posting content on that group. Sometimes your post may reach to lots of members of that group. But keep it in mind, don’t post content that group admin does not like. Gropu admins have the authority to block you from the group.

Live video with Facebook Live

You can promote your business by going live with your Facebook fan page or personal profile. Streaming live video creates the sense to the viewers that they are getting a behind the scenes peek at the real you as well as enticing them to stick around to watch much longer than they could watch a regular video, because of the unpredictability of live video.

Create a community

Creating a community on Facebook may be helpful in promoting your business. Here creating community means lots of things that you can do on Facebook to promote your business.

You can engage with people authentically, by writing on their walls, responding to their comments on your own, conversing in groups, or introducing people to each other. Before you know it, you’ll have created a community of friends who look favorably on you and your business. Always reply to the messages you get.

Use Facebook advert

Advertising on Facebook is a nice way to promote your business on Facebook. It is known as the Facebook advert. Advertising cost on Facebook is not too much. Even a small business owner also can effort few amount to Facebook advert to promote his.her small business on Facebook. You can set the price per likes and target your business towards a particular location. You can easily promote your business in your local area on Facebook.


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