WordPress for E-commerce: What you need to know


WordPress is used by a lot of website owners and developers because of its functionality. Many website owners that make use of the WordPress website, also make use of their free themes or paid themes based on their needs. WordPress is great for both beginners and professionals. For beginners, they can make use of free WordPress theme, without having to do a lot of editing and alterations. Professionals can make use of the various website themes and tweak it to whatever state they want it to be.

Many website owners and developers are lovers of WordPress, not minding their niche. NASA and a lot of top brands are users of WordPress because of its functionality, plugins and incredible features, as well as the numerous upgrades it goes through.

Will WordPress be great for your E-commerce site? Will you have great WordPress themes to make use of, whether free website themes or paid ones?

One great reason you should opt for WordPress is that it is WordPress. WordPress has incredible statistics to its usage, meaning that if it were not great, it wouldn’t be used by a lot of websites.

WordPress currently has over sixty million installations.

WordPress powers one-sixth of all sites, and caters to those with a lot of traffic.

WordPress more than fifty percent of sites that make use of CMS- Content Management System.

WordPress is open source, free and built by many volunteers.

WordPress usually incorporates plugins, and themes to customize the backend’s functionality, as well as the front end’s appearance.

It is usually updated to present improved security, as well as functionality.

A lot of hosting providers use WordPress’ single click installation while making use of third-party script installers.

WordPress comes with a lot of plugins and themes, making it a great e-commerce platform.


Why WordPress Is A Great E-commerce Platform

There are numerous benefits that are available to users of WordPress, there are still additional benefits that accrue to those who use WordPress as an e-commerce platform.



WordPress has a myriad of themes. One could call it infinite and the person will not be wrong. Only a number of those themes can be used for e-commerce, and they can be edited and are open sourced. With free WordPress themes, you can edit them anyhow you wish.



There are WordPress plugins for different types of functionality, and most of them are usually free. Plugin is a fancy word for app.

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