Does Google AdWords Allow To Promote Affiliate?


Earning from affiliate network is a great idea and you can really earn a lots from a niche blog just with less traffic compare to the Google AdSense and other types of ad network like AdSense. Using affiliate network with a special technique obviously let you earn a lots of money.

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Affiliate VS AdSense: From Where You can Make More Money?

Should you promote affiliate product using Google AdWords?

So is it right to promote affiliate products on Google AdWords. Well Affiliates and AdWords are very sensitive issue for each other. Promoting an affiliate product through your website using AdWords considered to be a violation of AdWords policy. Google AdWords clearly say that it is a violation to promote affiliate product. This can result of your AdWords account being completely suspended forever.

So what is the solution?

Some experts give solutions so that you can promote your affiliate products on AdWords. But I never recommend to do this. If you ask me personally then I always tell you to stay away from this and never use AdWords to advertise your affiliate products.

Google want quality content and Google always want to show us the page that has quality content. So some experts say not to promote a page which contains only affiliate products. They suggest to write a quality content and put the affiliate link inside it which is related to the content and look natural. According to those expert there is nothing wrong to promote these types of content on AdWords as you are not going to get by with a single landing page that points to a product. You want a quality site, with content, something that gives back and builds a communitity.

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There are another opinion come from some expert who are suggesting to promote the affiliate link directly instead of promoting your affiliate landing page on AdWords which is not forbidden by AdSense.

My opinion on advertising affiliate products on AdWords

So what should you do? Should you advertise your affiliate products on AdWords to promote it? Well, I always suggest you not to doing it at all. As there is some conflict on adverting affiliate products using AdWords, so it is always good to stay away from anything running on conflict for any serious matter which means a lots to you.

Just sit back and continue writing new content and increase the organic search traffic. It will take time but one day you will get success and you can get a lots of visitors on your blog post which contain affiliate product. Doing it naturally is really the best way.

And it is okay if you are promoting your blog post on AdWords and website if it contain small ad of affiliate on the sidebar of your site and it is present on every pages and posts of your site.

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