Watch visitors mouse movement, scroll, click on your site


It is very interesting if you could watch how visitors are browsing your site. It would be really amazing to see your site from the individual visitor’s side and watching mouse movement, scroll, click and keypress that done by each visitors who visits your site. It is just something like you are watching your own site from visitor’s shoulder which is really so interesting.

You will be happy to know that it is possible to watch your own website from the visitors side. Inspectlet will provide you all you need to do it.

Check mouse movement, scroll, click, keypress on your site using Inspectlet

From you can watch all the click and mouse movement of individual visitors on your site. This is really a great way to understand the visitors of your website or blog. It let you know what they likes or what not. You can check where the visitors are clicking which is a great way to realize how to increase the time spent and engagement on your site or blog per visitors and you can also realize what to do to improve in bounce rate for your site.

You don’t need to guessing in dark what your visitors want from your site or blog. You can now see the video of the movement of visitors on your site.

Record and watch everything your visitors do on your site or blog

Yes, you can record the movement of visitors individually and can watch everything your visitors do on your website. Screen Capture from Inspectlet lets you record videos of your site visitors as they use your site, allowing you to see everything they do.

With Inspectlet’s mature filtering capabilities system, you will be able to find exactly the visitors whom you are interested in watching. For example, selecting a few checkboxes will let you find new visitors from AdWords that bought something on your site if you are selling products on your site. Thus you will also inform if the products is making sales or not and also you will know exactly which product.

The funnel analysis tool of Inspectlet can show you recordings of visitor’s movement and thus it let’s see if they added something to their cart, but never proceeded to checkout on your eCommerce site. Thus you will get the ideahow sales made on your eCommerce site.

All you need to do is just to copy and paste the code on your website which is very easy and after that you can see it working for your site.

Inspectlet also let you know from which country the individual visitors from. Also you will get the ip address of the visitors.

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