Does Facebook Ads Allow To Advertise Affiliate Products To Promote?


Previously I have discussed on this – Does Google AdWords Allow To Promote Affiliate?, and now I am going to explain if Facebook ads allow to advertise affiliate products to promote your affiliate links or not.

Facebook is the most popular social media and community site in the world which providing the advertising system. It is a great choice to advertise something on Facebook as it has the capability to advertise by peoples interest, locality, device and more. Many popular and world class brand, company and business are using Facebook to advertise their products or services.

Anyone can use the nice service of Facebook ads to promote their fan page.

What about advertising affiliate products on Facebook?

Did you ever think to advertise your affiliate products to promote it and increase sales? Well before doing it you should know if Facebook allow to advertise affiliate products or services on to their community or they does not allow it because Google AdWords does not allow to promote or advertise affiliate products and services. May be Facebook allow it. But you have to know first and I am now going to tell you.

So does Facebook allow to advertising affiliate products using Facebook Ads?

You will be happy to know that Facebook allow you and anyone to promote affiliate products on their network and they also allow to advertise landing pages contains with affiliate product. But Facebook has some guidelines on promoting landing pages and destination URL.

Here is what Facebook is saying about itself:

Destination URL:

  • The destination URL must function properly in all browsers

Geographic IP Address Restriction:

  • Facebook Ads are reviewed from a variety of international locations. Therefore, if you are advertising an external website that is restricted to people in certain regions, your ad may be disapproved.

Error Pages:

  • The destination URL must not lead people to a site that is under construction or to an error page
  • Make sure that any tracking URL properly redirects to your desired landing page


  • Ads may not direct to landing pages that trigger pop-ups or pop-unders when someone arrives upon or exits the page

Auto-Initiated Downloads:

  • Ads may not direct to landing pages where downloads, malware or spyware are automatically initiated upon arrival or that link to a file that requires an additional program or application in order to open content

Facebook Destinations:The following restrictions apply to ads directing to Facebook landing pages:

  • Ads may not direct to a “Closed” or “Secret” Group
  • Ads may not direct to the Facebook homepage (

Web of Trust:

  • Ads may not lead to destination pages that have been flagged as having a bad reputation by Web of Trust. Web of Trust is a 3rd party website review service and has no affiliation with Facebook. To find out more about your rating and how to influence your site’s reputation, please visit:

Landing page:

  • Landing pages must clearly and accurately reflect the product or service being promoted in your ad. In addition, landing pages must not contain content, products, or services prohibited by our Advertising Policies

I think you have understand which type of landing page with affiliate you should have if you want it to promote on Facebook Advertising. You can also find it Here. If you go by the rules and regulations then you must be able to advertise on Facebook Ads. You can also promote direct affiliate links on Facebook advertise if the links are not violating against Facebook Ads.

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