Flywheel WordPress Hosting Review After One Month Of Use

When I was using CloudWays for EyeSwift blog, the experience was really nice and my site was running great with DigitalOcean. The speed and performance of my blog was amazing with CloudWays WordPress hosting. If you ask me for your WordPress blog if you should start or migrate your blog on CloudWays or not, then I always recommend you to go for it.

However, One day I see that the official is recommending Flywheel for WordPress blog. Then I thought I should give a try for Flywheel managed WordPress hosting. Within some days I bought a hosting plan of $15 per month and then I start a WordPress blog there. At the time of migrating my WordPress blog on Flywheel  managed WP hosting, the traffic of my blog was low and thats why I bought the tiny plan of $15/Month. But after few days of passing I realized that I need to upgrade my plan and I upgrade to the personel plan of $30/Month.

After I saw the speed of Flywheel managed WordPress hosting I decided to migrate my existing site from CloudWays to FlywheelWell, I requested the Flywheel team for migrating my site and they did it within 24 hours and I did not feel any problem and issues. All of the things was done smoothly and nicely. Then I point my domain and then all the things was done.

Now its become one month that EyeSwift is running on Flywheel at the time of writing this post and I am going to write a review of Flywheel managed WordPress hosting after using it for one month.

Review for Flywheel  WordPress hosting after using it for one month:

Here are my review in this one month:

Speed and performance:

I am now really happy with the speed and performance of my blog running on Flywheel managed WP hosting. Flywheel ‘s server response time is always less then 0.55 seconds whenever I checked it on Google page speed insight. It has really blazing fast speed which makes me always happy. One thing you should always keep in mind is that speed is now a part of Google search engine’s algorithm and fast speed of website will always increase your SEO.

Nightly backups:

Flywheel is providing backups every night for my blog for 30 days. It is really helping me a lots and I can relax because I know that whenever I do some mistake in coding, I can restore it from backups available.

Simple and easy dashboard:

The dashboard is really simple and easy to use. I can start and mange all of my new WordPress blog from one simple and easy to use dashboard. No technical skills required to use their dashboard.


Hacker-free security and server level:

Flywheel guarantee for security and if my site hacked than they solve it for free of cost.

At the end, I want to say that I always recommend Flywheel to everyone who want to start or migrate his/her WordPress blog to a new hosting. Flywheel is really nice, easy to setup and easy maintain. The most wonderful things of Flywheel I like is blazing fast speed. So you can always go through Flywheel managed WordPress hosting.


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  1. Naman Modi says:

    If you’re a website developer or freelance agency dealing with web design, clients or content then Flywheel managed hosting is your choice. Try it out for a wonderful web hosting experience. Although its price is at the higher end, the feature-rich aspect will make up for every penny.

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