How I Am Earning From My Blog Without Adsense And Other Ad Network?


There was a time when I liked to monetize a blog site with an ad publisher network like Google Adsense, Infolinks etc because it is so easy way of earning from a blog site. But when I came to know and after spending almost one year of my blogging, now I don’t like to monetize my WordPress blog using Google Adsense and other types of ad publisher network. Well you can also see on this blog site EyeSwift that there are no publisher ad code anywhere. now I am going to explain you why I am not using and ad network to earn money.

Why I am not using any ad network for my blog?

There are a lots of reason that I am not using any ad publisher network on my blog to make revenue. I am going to explain some of them.

  1. Publisher ad network on my website looks ugly and also the web page take some more time to fully load and it also waste of data. On the other hand, affiliate link does not make my site loading speed slow.
  2. Also the amount of revenue a blog site can earn from publisher ad network is very low. You need lots of traffic to earn the amount of revenue for living. it is really hard to earn from ad networks.
  3. Generally, Adsense and most of the publisher networks does not show the ad which is related to my blog niche and thus the earning opportunity become low.

So how I am earning from my blog?

I am not using any ad network to make revenue. So you may interested to know how I am earning from my blog. Well I am always happy to tell you that I am earning from affiliate network. I provide affiliate link on several blog posts on my site. There are several hosting providers review, premium WordPress plugins and themes with their affiliate links. Whenever someone buy from my affiliate link, I also get paid with a commission.

I really feel proud to say that the revenue I am earning from my affiliate is much higher then a ad network (Adsense, Infolinks etc). You can also earn a lots with less traffic than that of the ad networks need. It need lots of traffic to earn from ad networks. But if your blog is with proper niche and you are using proper affiliate link of products, then you can also earn a huge amount of money with less traffic. In my case, if I would stop affiliate and only use ad publisher networks then the amount of my earning would be only 10 – 15 % of my earning from affiliate that I am earning in this time.

So obviously it is normal for me not to waste space by displaying ads provided by the publisher network and replace those space with some great affiliate products related to my blog’s niche so that I can earn much more.


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