Get blazing fast speed WordPress hosting – lightning fast speed

One of the most requirement for a WordPress hosting is speed. You can find many WordPress site owner migrating their WordPress blog site from one hosting provider to another just for finding more speed. Before starting a blog site every blogger should know about the speed and performance of the hosting provider.

Why you need fast loading and fast server response speed for your site?

There are several reasons for a site that should have fast loading speed and fast server response time. If a site we are browsing takes too long to load, we’re outta there. Also, page speed is now a ranking factor of Google search engine. So a website with fast loading speed is obviously good for SEO.  It can also improve your conversion rate. So obviously the traffic of your website will be increased.

Flywheel WordPress Hosting:

Yes, from Flywheel managed WordPress hosting you will get blazing fast speed for your WordPress site. Or also you can tell it lightning fast speed for WordPress. They only host WordPress site. So their technology is completely for taking care of WordPress site and they only concentrate on it. So it is one of the reasons for their fast WordPress hosting. Also, they are recommended by official site at the time of writing this post.

The speed and performance both are absolutely good and your site can be access smoothly worldwide. yes, the blazing fast speed will always available Worldwide.

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The other features of flywheel WordPress hosting are-

  1. Your sites are backed up automatically every night, are stored for 30 days, and you can restore at any time.
  2. Hacker free security: Flywheel team work hard to make sure your site is always free from malware. If your site does get hacked, they will fix it. They will do it absolutely for free of cost. You don’t have to pay anything.
  3.  You can use your old WordPress site’s themes and plugins to use on a new WordPress site which can save your time lots. This feature is called “Blueprints”.
  4. You can add site streamline your team’s workflow with Organizations. Real-time project visibility and simplified team management
  5. Never share passwords or create multiple logins again. Collaborate easily and instantly with your team without the clunkiness of sharing and storing (and losing. And recovering) passwords.

Visit Flywheel managed WordPress Hosting website


4 responses to “Get blazing fast speed WordPress hosting – lightning fast speed”

  1. James Smith says:

    Hello Mollick, Nice to know Flywheel is giving lightning fast speed similarly I use Cloudways which give fastest WordPress hosting. What is your thought about this provider?

    • F.A Mollick says:

      Cloudways is also good and fast. I also tested it. It will gives you 14 days trial with digitalocean … But I didn’t find the way to remove temporarily subdomain and public ip from cloudways. The website still can be access via public ip and subdomain and I was only able to stop access the homepage via ip and subdomain. I think cloudways need some technical skills whereas flywheel is simple and easy to use .

      • James Smith says:

        You are correct and pointed out a good point in Cloudways. Tey recently launched a new platform and it is easier to use and has a lot of flexibility.

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