What happened with my Blog after using AI generated content

In this article, I will be discussing in detail “What will happen if I use AI-generated content in my blog?”.

Let me introduce myself first to those who don’t know me. I am a blogger and doing this as a full-time blogger since 2017.

I am now working on several blogs at the same this and on this website, I only share the experiences that I have gone through during my blogging journey.

I am a bit serious and strict with my blogging thus I never ever use AI-generated content on my blogs. But thankfully, I had a few blogs where my traffic was not sufficient to make a decent amount of money. So I thought to give it a try to use AI generated content to post blogs on that.

I have done these things:

  • Created a new blog website and posted 50 articles.
  • Added a few articles to my existing most valuable website. (Which is my main source of income right now)
  • Created another blog website where I added some AI generated content and a few self-written content as well.
  • Another website where each and every content was a mix of AI and my own writing.

So as you can see I have done all the possible things with AI generated content or you can say content generated by ChatGPT.

Now, I will share my experiences on each of the cases one by one.

Created a new blog website and posted 50 articles

I created this website last year, and the niche was actually US-focused to get US traffic. You can check: Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas for getting US traffic.

It took me around 1 month to post 50 Articles and almost each and every article was generated by ChatGPT. (Only a few changes)

Now, let’s come to the result.

In the first week, the result was normal, and started getting a few impressions and also a few clicks (nearly 10).

But the second week was really shocking. I realize that the impressions are getting higher day by day. Also impressed with the CTR and clicks.

Within 1.5 months I crossed a milestone of 300+ clicks in a single day (From Google search).

AI generated blog traffic search console

Traffic data of AI generated blog

The rest is now a history.

You can see from the above image how drastically the impression fell.

I felt that due to the use of AI content, Google had penalized my blog. (Which was expected also)

Updating AI content to self-written content

Then I thought to give it a try by editing all the published posts and making them self-written.

It took me around two months to update all the posts. But nothing happened. It seems that Google will not reconsider this blog anymore.

Though, theoretically it might happen that if I write self-written quality content for a long time on that blog then probably it will start gaining traffic again.

But in my opinion, getting a new domain will make the work easier for us.

Effect of AI content on the existing reputed blog

Later on, I thought of writing almost 5 articles on my ranked blog to check what Google can do with those.

As I told you, this time I was going to take the risk of publishing AI content on my main blog.

So this happened with that.


AI generated content traffic data

Created another blog website where I added some AI generated content and a few self-written content as well

Started another blog and started writing AI content with self-written content (Human written). The ratio was like 1:1.

Total number of articles was 20. This was our fastest website and it was built using Ghost CMS. (Choosing the Perfect Framework for Your Blog Website with Comparison)

This website crossed the barrier of 260 impressions and was knocked out.

effect of AI generated content on Blog

Another blog where each and every content was a mix of AI and my own writing

This was launched 4 months ago and hopefully, this is still running well.

Each content is a mix of self-written and AI-generated.

Right now I have posted 30 articles.

Here is the statistics:

getting traffic organic search console



If you want to get traffic make sure your content is good enough and useful to the users.

Google is the biggest search engine right now, but still, the algorithm is not perfect so you can’t predict if your content will be penalized by Google due to AI content or not. But you can say for sure that if the content is not Good enough you will be either won’t get traffic or loose your traffic sooner or later.

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