Grow Your YouTube Channel and videos With TubeBuddy Chrome Extension

Every YouTuber want to increase views on their YouTube videos and subscribers on their YouTube channel. They often think how to get views on YouTube.

So here in this post, I am going to introduce you to a powerful tool that can help your videos to get more views on YouTube. If you are thinking about how to get more views on YouTube for your videos, then this tool is a perfect fit for you.

Today in this article I am going to introduce you to TubeBuddy. If you are a YouTube publisher and want to grow your YouTube channel then TubeBuddy definitely can help you. TubeBuddy Chrome extension is a must-have tool for every YouTuber. Well, it also has Firefox extension.

So what is TubeBuddy? How can it help your YouTube channel and videos to grow? I am going to give you all the answer that you may eagerly wait for.

So, what is TubeBuddy?

In short, TubeBuddy is a tool that comes with Chrome and Firefox extension which can help a YouTuber to grow, optimize and manage the YouTube channel. The good thing about this tool is that it all the features will available in your normal YouTube interface page.

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As this tool works as a browser extension, so you don’t need to go and visit any other backend and again come to your YouTube page. So it can help you with its features by reducing the hassle.

How can TubeBuddy grow your YouTube channel and videos?

TubeBuddy does this job in different ways with different tools is included within this extension. There are a number of tools available in this extension which can increase your channel subscribers and help to get YouTube views on your videos. Here I am going to discuss the main features that TubeBuddy browser extension do.

Let’s know how to get more views on youtube for your videos using TubeBuddy.

Tag Explorer

Tags of YouTube videos are so important. So choosing the tags wisely can grow your YouTube videos to the next level. Proper video tags for your YouTube video will attract more viewers to your video.

Choosing the perfect tags may not be easy. But with the Tag explorer tool of TubeBuddy extension, you will get the suggestion of best and most popular tags for your videos. Thus you will be able to use the tag feature of YouTube more effectively with the help of TubeBuddy.

With the free version of TubeBuddy tool, you will get limited tag suggestion. The premium tool of TubeBuddy will suggest you more tags.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is another great tool available in TubeBuddy that can help you to A/B test of the video titles, description, tags and thumbnails to choose best and most effective options for your YouTube videos and help to maximize the views. That means you will get more views on your YouTube videos which will collect more revenues through video monetization.

Best time to publish

It is not a good idea to publish your videos any time on your YouTube channel. Choosing the right time for publishing a video is also important. It is always best to try to schedule your videos for publishing for the right time when you can get most views for your video. But it is always not easy to guess the right time.

So how you will know about the right time of publishing the YouTube video?

Well, TubeBuddy will help you just like a good buddy. Here TubeBuddy extension will let you know the perfect days and hours when you should publish the video. By publishing your videos at right time you can maximize your views and thus more revenue you can get from the ad.

Publish native video to Facebook

With the help of TubeBuddy extension, you can also post the video to Facebook quickly. But the best thing about this feature is that it will not share the video available on YouTube after you publish. TubeBuddy will post your video as native on Facebook.

Competitor Scoreboard

To grow your YouTube channel it is also an important thing to keep eye on your competitors YouTube channel. TubeBuddy here can help you by sending you information about your competitor’s channel and thus you can improve yourself. These pieces of information will let you know and you can think about what steps and tricks you should apply to attract more viewers to your YouTube videos.

Brand alerts

You will always get notified whenever someone mentions your YouTube channel.


These are some of the important features you can get from TubeBuddy. But there are lots of more features available in this browser extension which you can see on their website. I have discussed here only the important features.

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TubeBuddy offers a free plan with limited features. The premium plan currently has three types of plans. The free plan is missing some features like Facebook publishing and bulk processing. Also, it suggests you the limited number of tags. So free version is less effective for your YouTube channel. But if you have just started then you can go start with the free plan.

Start with TubeBuddy now

If you are a serious YouTuber then it is better for you to go with the premium plans of TubeBuddy. If you already have a YouTube channel which is so popular, then you can definitely take your YouTube channel to the next level by choosing one of the premium plans of TubeBuddy. You will get the Facebook publishing features in the premium plan. Also, the bulk processing tool of TubeBuddy premium plan can help you quickly manage all of your YouTube videos.

Well, you can buy YouTube views. But you should not spend buying YouTube views directly. The best thing is to get views on your YouTube videos in a natural way. TubeBuddy is a tool which helps you to get YouTube views in a completely natural way.

So what do you think about TubeBuddy? If you have already used this Chrome extension tool, then you can share your experience of using it.

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