10 Tips To Increase Subscribers On Your YouTube Channel

Are you running a YouTube channel and want to increase the number of channel subscribers so that you will reach to a good amount of subscribers? But a good amount of subscribers for your YouTube channel will help you to get more views on your videos.

YouTube is a leading platform with about a billion unique YouTube visitors per month. So there is a large potential audience for every video that is uploaded on YouTube. It is now become a great platform for bloggers also to reach to their audience and making a personal connection.

Getting the good amount of subscribers on your YouTube channel is obviously a difficult task. But don’t worry, here in this article I am going to tell you 10 tips that can be helpful to you in getting more subscribers on your YouTube channel.

10 tips for increasing subscribers for your YouTube channel

1. Post useful and quality videos

I always said to post quality content in the case of blogging. This is also applicable for YouTube videos also. On your YouTube channel, always post useful and great videos which are of high quality. Give more time in making each video for your YouTube channel and make it great to YouTube viewers. If peoples find useful and quality videos on your YouTube channel then the chances of subscribing to your channel will be higher.

2. Increase video uploading frequency

Upload and post videos on a regular basis. The main reason for a subscriber is that they love the channel videos and love to watch many new videos. YouTube users usually do not like those channel which does not publish videos regularly.

3. Give great looks and customize your YouTube channel

Take some time in designing your YouTube channel. Choose a great cover photo that represents your brand. It should be visually appealed. Thus the chances of users subscription will be higher.

Give some time in customizing your YouTube channel. Keep the bio of your channel short and to the point. Get a custom URL for your channel. If you already have a blog then make use of similar branding elements for your YouTube channel

4. Create your own custom thumbnails

Creating great attractive custom thumbnails for your each YouTube videos will attract more users to view your videos and thus it will increase the chances of getting more subscribers on your YouTube channel. Remember the formula, more views can bring you more subscribers on your channel. Own custom thumbnails refer a lot to your viewers and it represents your channel as brand’s YouTube channel.

5. Use proper title

The title of your each YouTube videos should be short and to the point. Always put the main keywords inside the title of the videos. Search results from YouTube give video title the most priority.

Don’t make the title of your videos too long and always try to get rid of unnecessary words from your title. It is better to make your video title attractive and impressive that can create curiosity in users’ mind. I suggest you use power words like “awesome”, “incredible” in your video title.

6. Use annotations wisely and effectively

Annotation is a nice feature which can help you to increase subscribers on your YouTube channel. You may notice several times like “Subscribe Us!” pop up. You can also add a subscribe button.

Annotations on YouTube allow you to add layered text, links, and hotspots over your video and help you to enrich the video experience by adding information, interactivity, and engagement.

7. Don’t make too long and too short videos

Too long videos on YouTube make users irritate and at a time the viewer just close your video and go somewhere else. Also too short videos are not able to describe the particular thing that the video want to tell about.

8. Ask to subscribe

You may notice in lots of videos that the video is requesting to subscribe to the channel by a special note at the end of the video. You can also request to subscribe at the end of your YouTube videos. Do it with confidence and appreciate users for watching your video.

9. Make videos in various locations

Making your videos in various location will make the videos more attractive and users will not feel bored. It will also make the videos more attractive and interesting for your YouTube viewers and it encourages users to subscribe to the channel.

10. Create An Engaging Channel Trailer

YouTube has a great feature that let you create a channel trailer. It will automatically play a video upon the opening of a YouTube channel. SO make the video stunning and make it so impressive that can affect positively on peoples’ mind. Like custom YouTube video thumbnail images, a good channel trailer also encourages users to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

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