Best YouTube Alternatives To Upload Your Videos For Extra Views

By Faruque Ahamed Mollick

Anyone know that YouTube is the most popular and largest video sharing website in the world. If you think to share a video on internet then the first online platform come in mind is YouTube. Peoples on internet often spent a lots of time to watch videos on YouTube.

YouTube is obviously the best place to share your videos and to get video views. But do you know that YouTube is not the only place to share your videos to get views. There are also some other websites exist which let your upload videos and peoples can view it on internet.

If you are a video blogger then this article will be most helpful for you. In this article I am going to share a bunch of websites where you can upload any kind of original videos.

List of websites to upload and share your videos

Here are some of the YouTube alternative to share your videos to get more views:


Obviously you already know about Facebook. Facebook is the most popular social media platform where peoples can share posts status, photos and also videos. Do you know that you can get lots of views for your video by uploading it on Facebook? After uploading a video on YouTube you should also upload and post it on Facebook because Facebook is the next place after YouTube where you can get lots of views on your Facebook videos. Peoples often love to see videos if they got it on their news feed. Facebook allows you to upload a video with maximum size 4 GB, maximum length 120 minutes and with maximum caption length 2200 characters.


Twitter is another popular social media platform which allow you to upload video with maximum allowance length 2 minutes 20 seconds. Supported format for twitter mobile app is MP4 and MOV .On twitter website MP4 video format with H264 format supported. The maximum upload size limit on twitter is 512MB.

Obviously the video uploading length limited by Twitter is very low. But if your video is longer than 2 minutes 20 seconds, you can trim the video on the app before uploading. Here is the official guide from twitter to do it.


Vimeo is almost similar video sharing and video hosting website. It has both free and premium plan. For a blogger, artist, small business owner or author there is no problem to use Vimeo free plan. Generally brands always prefer to use Vimeo to share there videos.

The most interesting thing that I like on Vimeo is that you can upload videos directly using Dropbox and Google Drive. Just like YouTube Vimeo also allow you to embed video on your website.


Dailymotion is another website like YouTube where people can upload there videos for free. It is a very old video sharing website on internet. They allows to upload video with maximum size 2 GB and maximum length 60 minutes. Like Vimeo Dailymotion also allow to embed video by providing you a embed code like YouTube that you have to place on your web page..


flickr is so popular as a image hosting provider and majority of peoples use flickr to host their images. But It also lets users upload and share videos. A lots of peoples are not aware of this fact that flickr also can be used to share videos. It provides both free and pro plan. Flickr free account will give you 1 TB of memory and pro account comes with unlimited storage space with free from ads.


You can share your videos on Instagram, but the limited video length to upload is very short. You can only upload videos which has maximum length of 60 second. But you can use it to upload video teaser of your main video or can share short intro video that are not more than 60 second length.


Metacafe is a community base video sharing platform which started in the year 2003 in Israel. It also allows you to upload short videos. The average video on Metacafe is just over 90 seconds long.

So I have introduced you with some of the nice YouTube alternatives. Do you know about any other alternative that can be used along with YouTube? Or have you tried any other online video uploading website? Please share your experience if you already tried any other YouTube alternatives.