How long did my blog take to reach 100000 monthly organic traffic

How long did my blog take to reach 100000 monthly organic traffic

Organic traffic is those types of traffics or website visitors that come from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other popular search engines. The revenue generated from a blog is directly dependent on its traffic. Well, I know that you are aware of this fact.

But wait… Do you really think any types of traffic are the same in value. Well, we all know bloggers love to get Google traffic than any other type of traffic.

Organic traffic from Google and other types of search engines are more precious than a referral or direct traffic.

Many of the newbie’s bloggers started their journey with the hope to become successful. They take a milestone every time and try hard to fulfill it. I can also remember the day when I got my first 100 traffic in a day. After that, I got 10000 organic traffic in a month.

Well here I am talking about the blog is not this one where you are reading this article. I am talking about another of my blog which is known as CodeSpeedy. This is a computer programming tutorial blog where one can learn different types of programming languages.

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And finally I able to reach to get 100000 organic traffic in a single month which was a happy moment of my life. I think you can also imagine my happiness. But it was not easy for me to achieve this goal. However, to get something big, it needs lots of time, effort, and patience.

I know many of you are interested to know my journey and how many days or how long did it take for my blog to reach 100000 monthly organic traffic. So here I am going to share my journey of blogging and reaching to 100000 monthly organic traffic.

The day when I started my blog

In December 2016, I started my blog with the hope to be a success in blogging. The niche I choose in blogging is in the programming language used in web development.

In the beginning, my blog focused on programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, CSS that are directly linked to the web. But later there are lots of other programming languages added like Java, Python, C++ etc.

The blog was not driven only by me. I and my brother together write and submit tutorials on the blog. On that day, I was working as a web developer in a web development company in Kolkata. It was so hard time for me as I go to the office in the morning and give time to blogging in the night after I come from the office.

Started to get organic traffic

Well, my aim was to get a good amount of organic traffic. From the start, I can see my organic traffic increase day by day and one day I got my first 100 organic traffic in a day. My organic visitors, especially from Google farther, increase every month.

Well, I was happy to see my organic Google traffic increase day by day. But the first time the day comes when I can see the decrease in traffic. Well, I was upset at that time. But I see that after one month the traffic loss recovered and even my blog starts to grow more.

After exactly one year later from the day when my blog started, I crossed the milestone of 10000 for the organic traffic in a single month. Of course, it was a happy moment for me.

When my blog get 100000 organic traffic in a month

My traffic continues growing. Of course, were some minor decrease in traffic I often found during my blogging journey. But it was not so effective as it only takes about one week whenever my traffic falls. But the increasing rate of the organic traffic of my blog was good and consistently every month I can see the traffic increasing.

Only once I found a traffic decrease in a month. But after that, I can see traffic increasing every month than the previous month. But the largest milestone at that time was waiting for me. In December 2019 first time my blog got almost 100000 organic search traffic and most of them are from the Google search engine.

As I have just told you in this article, I started my blog in December 2016. So for me, it takes 3 years to reach that 100K organic visitors. Well, many of the bloggers achieve this goal more quickly than me. But however, I was very happy because it was a great success for me.

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But there were more surprises waiting for me. I found my traffic increases further in the next two months. Next month my blog able to get 134K and after this month 178K which happened very quickly. I was really amazed to see the quick growth of my traffic.

Below is the image where you can see the search console traffic graph and increase of organic traffic for the last 16 month:

My Blog Organic Google Traffic Increasing Graph from Search Console


So that’s my journey to the 100K organic traffic in brief. If I can, then you also can achieve this goal. Just keep patience, concentrate on your work, train yourself regularly and you will see the success.

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