Is WordPress SEO Friendly to Start a Blog

Is WordPress SEO Friendly to Start a Blog

WordPress is the most popular open-source PHP software for blogging. Most of the bloggers using WordPress to create and run their blogs. Either it is the new or experienced blogger, a blog with low traffic or with high traffic, we can see using WordPress most of the time.

We also know that these days SEO or Search Engines Optimization is must-have for every blog to rank on search engines like Google to drive organic search traffic. So we should be aware of the SEO configuration of the site.

But many newbies have a question about the SEO of WordPress. Many of them asked me if WordPress is SEO friendly or not to start a blog. I helped them out to find out that. I know that many of them also have the same question and want to know the answer. So here I am going to help you out.

In this article, I am going to tell you if WordPress is SEO friendly or not to start a blog. So keep reading this article…

Whether WordPress SEO friendly or not

When a new WordPress site installed, then there is no SEO configured from the beginning. So it depends on if you configured it properly or not to make it SEO friendly. Below is given how you can make your WordPress site SEO friendly:

Using SEO plugin

There are plugins available that can help you configure the SEO of your WordPress site easily. Yoast SEO, All-in-One SEO Pack are the most popular SEO plugins for WordPress. You can use any one of these SEO plugins. Both of these plugins are available free of cost, however, they also have premium versions which have more powerful options.

With one of these plugins, you can setup complete SEO of your WordPress blog especially the on-page SEO like meta description, title tag, choose if the page should have noindex, and much more. One of the best things about these SEO plugins is that even beginners can understand and use it to configure properly for their blog.

Search-engines friendly URL

Just by going through the Settings > Permalinks option in your WordPress dashboard panel, you can choose the URL structure and make your URL SEO friendly. Read this blog article to learn how to make the permalinks SEO friendly – SEO Friendly URL – Right Permalink Structure For WordPress.

In brief, search engines like small URL like you can see below:

You can make your URL like this or anything you like just within a few clicks.

Speed optimization

Website speed and page loading time also a great factor in SEO. Websites with faster page loading time rank better on search engines. Luckily, there are various speed optimization and caching plugin available for free. WP Super Cache, W3 Total Cache and many other caching plugins available to speed up your WordPress site.

Also, there are Some managed WordPress hosting providers provide server-side caching and speed optimization functionality that can eliminate the needs of any optimization plugins.

SEO friendly themes

Though after installing WordPress, a default theme will work for front-end. But there are lots of other WordPress themes available. You can find a huge number of WordPress themes available free of cost on the official WordPress theme repository site and also there are some great premium SEO friendly themes available.

Even premium themes also available that contains all SEO features like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO pack plugin and you don’t need these SEO plugins anymore. But I don’t recommend you to use the SEO features of the theme. It is always better to use an SEO plugin and theme without SEO features. This is because, if you change your theme, the SEO options will vanish.


So with this point given in the article above, you can see that WordPress is SEO friendly and useful to rank on search engines if you use proper plugins, theme and configuration. Also, the more you have knowledge in SEO, the more you can do better and make your WordPress site SEO friendly.

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