9 Great Online Business Ideas Without or With Minimal Investment

Online Business Ideas Without or With Minimal Investment

In the last two decades, the internet grows so faster than we can even imagine. Within just this short period in time, many businesses come to online and many other businesses completely enter because of the internet. The online world now becomes and opportunity to start a business.

You can see large companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google are completely live on the internet. Also, there are countless small and medium-size businesses running online.

So do you want to take the opportunity of the online world to start your business and make money?

Yes, you can also start a business online in some easy way and yet with minimal or without any investment.

Now if you are thinking I am kidding, then think again. Because I am one of them who starts their business online and earning money, living on it. Here I am a live example.

In this blog article, I am going to tell you about some of the best and easy online business ideas that you can start without any investment or very low investment. So keep reading…

Who can start an online business?

Are you a college student or just have graduated from college? Maybe you are doing a job in the corporate sector and you just tired of your life and want to escape from this.

Maybe you have a dream to become an entrepreneur but don’t know where to start and which way should you choose. Or you may want to start your side business to have some extra income.

No matter what is the case for you I have just mentioned above because there are lots of ideas I am going to tell you to start an online business with zero or low investment.

The internet brings the opportunity for anyone to make money online who has knowledge of the internet and just eager to start.

But before I go forward I want to tell you that any kind of business needs hard work. You must have to give time and work for any business even it is online. The main advantage of an online business is that you can do it online from your home with comfort.

Online business ideas that need zero or very low investment


I have put “Blogging” at the top because personally I like blogging as the best and I am also in this field too. Well, I know everyone has their own choice to choose and you are also free to choose what you like on this list.

The amazing thing about blogging I like a lot is that because everyone who has knowledge and skills in a field can start it easily. For example, you can choose a blogging niche or fields like travel, health, pet, nutrition, technology, science and any other field in which you are confident to have knowledge.

There are so many ways to make money from a blog. For example, affiliate marketing, monetize with ad networks, sell own products or services, write reviews and sponsored articles and so on. There is no limit to earning from a blog.

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Freelance writing

There is a huge opportunity in freelance writing work in these days. You can start a business to provide your writing services.

I know that everyone doesn’t have writing skills. But if you have this skill, then you can start making money from your online writing service. Also, on freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Upwork you can be hired for writing articles in the form of the website content, blog posts, editorials etc.

Everyday a lot of new websites started. These websites need fresh content. Website owners often busy and they need freelance article writers. All you need to do is taking this opportunity.


Dropshipping is a nice idea to start an online business where you will sell products, but you don’t need a warehouse. You don’t need to store products in any physical location.

The dropshipping works like this-

When someone orders a product on your store, you make the order from a third-party provider who will do everything for you from packaging to delivery.

One of the nice things about dropshipping is that it has a very low risk because you don’t have to create any product and even you don’t have to invest in products.

Sell eBooks

You may think if peoples still pay for getting an eBook or not. But it is true that selling eBooks are still a great business for earning money online. The data from Amazon shows that every day almost 38% of eBooks sales go to shelf-published titles.

Every year, millions of dollars spent on buying eBooks. So if you have skills in any field, then you can try this opportunity.

Start a YouTube channel

Lots of YouTubers are completely living on YouTube. They create videos and publish them on their YouTube channel. This is a live example to make money online without investing.

By creating a YouTube channel, you can monetize your channel with AdSense which is the easiest way of earning. Besides this, you can sell your own product by promoting it on your videos, review someone else product or services and promote it, sponsorship to make a profit.

Many brands and companies like to promote their products through popular YouTube channels. They pay good amount of money. Even you may also see sponsorship on some of your favorite YouTube channel. Today lots of YouTubers choose this way. Well, you may think about how much you can make with this way. Well, it depends on the popularity of your channel.

Become a digital marketer

With a very low investment, you can start your own website and give digital marketing services. The digital marketing services can consist of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), website content writing, web design, guest blogging, email marketing etc.

If you have a very low budget, then you can start with one or two services. At this time gain the trust from clients first. Later when you start to make more profit, hire more skilled peoples to make a solid digital marketing team.

Digital marketing is a very demanded service right now and will exist in the future because more and more businesses want to go online.

Sell online video courses

Online courses becoming so popular day by day. You can create video courses in the field or subject where you have in-depth knowledge and skills and sell them. Udemy is an amazing platform where you can sell your courses online with no investment.

There are already lots of peoples making a good amount of money just by selling their video courses on Udemy. This platform brings an opportunity to talented peoples where there only needs zero investment for the Udemy teachers.

Sell photos online

Selling photos online is another great opportunity. All you need to start with it is just a camera that can take quality photos.

Online businesses, corporate sectors often need photos for websites and business purposes. So if you wish to cache this opportunity to bring some real cash, then go through it.

There are lots of websites available where you can sell your photos online completely free of cost. PhotoDune, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock are some of the well-known places of photo selling marketplace. You can choose the one that is perfect and can start.

Freelance website/mobile app development

Website and mobile app development is now a trending online business. Website development was my first online business. This was my very first online earning from a marketplace website which is Fiverr.

Website and mobile app development need very high skills to work professionally. There are many online platforms available where clients post their project and you can bid. Some of the platforms allow you to add services or gigs. Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour are some of the great and popular marketplaces for freelance web and mobile app developers.

Well, in the freelance development field, the competition becomes so much harder, also clients prefer to give orders to those who have good reviews and ratings and also want to see the demo. So it is better for you to create some web development and mobile app development work show that you can show it to the clients to impress them.

The final touch for the best online business idea for you

In the above part of this article, I have already make a list of some of the great online business ideas. Now you have to choose the one which you think best. The best one should be the one which will be easier for you and you think you can do it very well. In a few words, choose the one in which you think you are confident.

There are plenty of ideas you can think of to start a business online. You may not able to find them on this list. But that doesn’t mean I am discouraging you to implement one of those ideas. In this article, I try to cover only a few ideas that suit a wide range of peoples. It is not possible to put all those ideas in just one article.

Now comment below and let me know which one you think to start. Let me know even it is not on this list.

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