How online text editors are beneficial for writers | Best tools to use

We all know that in this digital world, many of the operations are carried out online. The tools over the internet have made it easier for the article writers to make their content more interesting. 

For example, checking the quality of the content as well as making the content errors-free. Similarly, the online text editors are the tools that are also included in these tools for making ease in writing. 

In this article, we will discuss more the benefits of online text editors for content writers and some of the best tools for them.

How online text editors are beneficial for writers?

Online text editors are the tools that are just like Microsoft Word and other edit pads but it has some different features. 

This tool is common because they are free and quick to use. For example, the MS word needs to be activated which might get out of the budget. 

But on the other side, the online text editors are completely free along with some additional features. 

Here are its benefits for the writers. 

  • Accessibility 

The biggest advantage of using the online WordPad is that it can be accessed online anywhere and anytime. For example, if you are traveling and this tool can be accessed online at any system and you can upload your document to edit. 

Most of the tools out there on the internet can be accessed without any registration or even a subscription and can be used instantly. 

There are a variety of text editors available online and you can easily use them online. Most bloggers and content writers, when need to edit their writing, use this. 

Like if the writers want to change the font or the headings of the content then instead of going back to MS word, you can easily access the tool online and change your style. 

  • Easy to use 

When doing some simple editing like breaking the sentences or changing the sentence structure then the best way is to use the online notepad. 

The online text editor contains simple features which makes it quite complicated to use. There are different options on online applications that are commonly found for making the tool user-friendly as written below:

  • Uploading the file from your computer or another device
  • Pasting the text directly into the tool for editing 
  • Importing the document from third-party cloud storage including Google Drive, OneDrive 
  • You can download the file in different formats including PDF, txt, or DOC. 
  • You can also edit the PDF file using the online text editors which automatically extracts the text
  • Free to use

Microsoft Word is not free in all the cases because, after several periods, the trial versions end and you need to buy the subscription to use the application. 

The cost of MS word, as well as other applications, is quite costly and not all the peoples especially newbie content writers can afford it. 

For this, the online editing tools are very helpful as they can work the same as another word processor as well as they work completely for free. 

What else you require to edit your document for free with these tools. 

  • Facilitate with Grammar checker 

Some of the famous text editors are also offering the grammar checker which means that not only editing your previous content but these tools help make your content free from errors. 

The grammar checking feature will let you solve all the mistakes including spelling mistakes and make your content better. 

If you are not a native writer or your writing in a specific language then the text editor will let you make your content perfect. 

This becomes sometimes more effective when the content writers are working as a ghostwriter. Imagine you are writing for a client but after submission, your written work is rejected because of the grammatical errors in it. 

If you are writing for your blog then grammatical errors should be cleared to keep your blog post best for your audience. 

  • Plagiarism check 

Why need to buy a subscription to a plagiarism checker when you can check the plagiarism through an online editor? 

Some latest editing pads also feature the checking of plagiarism inside the tool and this way, you can utilize the features of editing as well as checking the originality at the same time. 

If you have hired the services of a freelancer or a content marketing agency then you can easily edit and check the content for plagiarism at the same time with the utilization of this tool. 

Best text editors’ tool to use online 

  • Prepostseo 

The online text editor by Prepostseo is one of the finest text editors because it provides the options of checking grammar, plagiarism, as well as paraphrasing within the website. 

You can edit or make an addition to your content easily with this tool. Some of the additional features of this text editor are below:

  • You can redesign your text by adding a listing, changing the alignment of the text
  • You can add images or URLs inside your writing with this tool 
  • You can the emojis to your content using this tool
  • Whether adding media files or the tables to your content, this tool can be helpful
  • Hemingway editor 

This is another popular and efficient tool that makes the working of the writers easy. This tool is unique from others because it generates a report of the quality of the content.

For example, it can help you to know the types of words that have been used as well as the number of your words inside the content. 

The Hemingway editor helps the newbie writers to know the following things:

  • The total word count of the writing 
  • The readability score of the whole content 
  • The passive voice inside your writing 
  • Find similar sentences inside your content
  • The sentences that are hard to read for the users (SEO always recommend to use easy to read content)
  • The level of the grade for which the writing is appropriate


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