Pressidium WordPress Hosting Review After Using It For 3 Months

Pressidium WordPress Hosting Review

It becomes more than three months since I start using Pressidium as my hosting provider for my WordPress blog. If you don’t know much about this hosting provider, then I am going to give you my review of the Pressidium managed WordPress hosting provider in this article.

Pressidium started by a team of experienced engineers and developers to provide premium quality WordPress hosting for everyone. It started by four colleagues who were working in the same company together.

This hosting company has its servers in different locations globally. They are located in North America, Japan, Europe, Southeast Asia and Oceania.

Hosting plans comes from Pressidium

Pressidium provides different types of hosting plans. They are discussed below:


The personal plan is started from monthly $49.90 and $42 when paid annually. This plan is designed to take the traffic load of monthly 30k visits. In this plan, they provide 10 GB of storage space. You can host up to 3 WordPress sites on the Pressidium Personal plan hosting.


This plan started with $125/month if you pay annually and $149.9/month if you pay on monthly basis. The plan is designed for 100k monthly traffic. With this plan, you can get 20 GB of storage space and can run up to 10 WordPress blog.


The business plan of Pressidium WordPress hosting comes with 30 GB storage and designed for 500k monthly traffic. The plan started with $299.9/month when paid on a monthly basis and $250 on annual basis. It allows up to 25 WordPress sites.

Business Plus

This plan is for high traffic WordPress site and is designed for 1 million monthly visits. The price of this plan is $500 per month when paid annually and $599.90 per month when paid on monthly basis. This plan allows up to 50 WordPress sites to host on their business plus plan.

Enterprise Plans

The enterprise plans are for high traffic WordPress blogs that are getting millions of monthly traffic. With this plan, you can get customized configuration and infrastructure needs and solutions, dedicated server cluster powered by our highly available & fully scalable architecture. This plan started from $790 per month.

In their enterprise hosting plan, you have to request a quote for your requirements. You have to pay depending on the requirement of resources.


Below are the given advantages of Pressidium WordPress hosting:

Speed and uptime with performance

To me and many other bloggers, speed and uptime are the two most important factors. With my experience, I can realize my site on Pressidium loads at blazing fast speed. I can see the uptime 100% each month. That means I never notice any downtime for my site. The main reason for this uptime is the load balancer technology used by Pressidium.


Pressidium provides amazing support through messaging. Whenever I contacted them through message from the panel, I got a reply within 5 minutes. Their technical support team is also awesome. They provide support anytime i.e 24/7/365.

Load balancer

Pressidium has its own load balancer technology with tolerant high availability architecture. It ensures your website always up and running at top speed by checking the health of servers.

Automatic scalability

Pressidium infrastructure scales on-demand both horizontally & vertically, without any disruption of service for your WordPress site. As demand grows new server clusters are deployed to our cloud.


On their Pressidium, they provide automatic backup on a daily basis and store it for the last 30 days. Backup is one of the important features every hosting should have to prevent data losses. On their hosting, they not only provide automatic backup but also serve instant backup when you want just within a click.

Full HTTP/2 Support with SSL Acceleration

Pressidium hosting technology offloads SSL transactions at their load-balancing layer. This significantly accelerates traffic towards backend servers as web application server farms are no longer burdened with the CPU intensive task of encrypting and decrypting internal HTTP traffic on the private network. The result of this architecture gives 100% secured and SSL encrypted web browsing at significantly faster speeds.


CDN helps a site to load static website content like image files, CSS, JavaScript file load faster by accessing them from the closest data center of the location from where the site accessed. Pressidium provides Global Enterprise CDN powered by HTTP/2 to load your site at blazing fast speed.

Managed web application firewall (WAF)

They have their own managed web application firewall to prevent your WordPress site from malware that increases the security. All of their plans include application layer scanning by leveraging a proprietary web application firewall that is focused on securing your WP blog.

SSL Certificates

Today SSL is a must-have for any of the websites. SSL helps to secure the communication between your website and your visitors, authenticates your website’s identity, and ensures data integrity between the browser and the webserver. Search engines also prefer websites that have SSL/HTTPS. Pressidium WordPress hosting comes with the free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate. If you want, you can install your own premium SSL certificate too.


As you can see these are all about Pressidium WordPress hosting. At the time of writing this post, still, my WordPress blog is hosted on Pressidium. The plan I am using is a business plan that costs $299.9 per month.

It becomes several months since I am using Pressidium and during this period I never found any of the downtimes. Consistently getting great speed and performance with nice support.

I hope, this article on Pressidium WordPress hosting review will help you to decide if you should choose it for your WP site or not.

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