June 2021 income report using Valueimpression ad network

If you follow my blog, then you may know that I am running Valueimpression ads on one of my programming and tutorial blogs from where I am making a good amount of money.

Now in this article, I am going to give you my income report for June this year using the Valueimpression ad network. I hope, you are going to enjoy this income report and it will fill you with motivation. Even, in this article, I will also let you know how I was able to make this amount of money.

Before I am going to give you the report of my earnings for the month, I want to let you know that till this time I have made the highest income for a single month from Valueimpression. I am really so happy because of this.

My earning from Valueimpression in July 2021

I know you are very eager and waiting to see my income report. So without wasting any more time, I have attached the screenshot of my Valueimpression earnings for July:

Valueimpression income July 2021

As you can see, my earning for July was $1716 which was incredible. At the time when the money comes to my account in Indian Rupee, it was almost INR 125000/-.

Not bad…

Isn’t it…

At least, for me, it was a great month and that month fill a lot of happiness inside me.

How was I was able to make $1716 in that month?

Well, I was not able to make this amount of money all of in sudden. it is true, that I made $1716 in the month of June. But the work I did is not in June. From December 2016, I started my journey and continuously working on the website.

I believe that content is king and always will. So I focus on contributing great content that is useful for software developers, web developers and computer programmers who love coding. The earning in June is the result of all of the hard work I did in December of 2016.

So it is simple, in June I did not do any new things. I continue doing all the stuff that I was doing for few years. And that is submitting great tutorials and content for my users to drive traffic. Because traffic is must have to make money from a blog by monetizing it with an ad network.

Well, since March 2019 I am using the Valueimpression ad network. One of the reasons for this income is to test the ads in a lot of different positions and after that keep it in the most appropriate places of the pages that I think it will increase the traffic but effect less to the readers.

For example, I keep an ad below the title and one ad on the sidebar of each post. Also, I added sticky ads on the bottom part of the sidebar. This is because, if users scroll the page, the ad will continue to show and it doesn’t matter how far to the bottom they scroll.

Another thing I did, I started using the fixed footer ad as this ad will be shown every time and doesn’t matter where the user scroll.

There is one thing that is noticeable. I have not placed any ad code in the middle of the main article content of my programming blog. I did it because I know that many users will not like to see ads in the middle of the main content. Also, the articles on that programming blog are generally very short. So using an ad in the middle of the content with a short length will give a bad impression because it will make the website ad-heavy comparing to the content length.

But you can see, in this blog where you are reading this content, you can see an ad in the middle of the content. This is because the blog posts on this blog are lengthily comparing to my programming blog.

I know, it is never possible to increase 100% good experience and at the same time serve ads to make money from my blog. But still, I tried to increase the user experience as much as possible.


Now take a look at the earnings of the last few months from Valueimpression:

Earnings of last few months from Valueimpression

In the above screenshot also, you can see that in the last month my income was highest not only in the list but also it is the all-time highest income till now.

I hope, in the future, I will definitely break this income record and will make more money from my coding blog.

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