How To Make Your WooCommerce Store Secure?

It is really easy to make an eCommerce store using WordPress and WooCommerce plugin. You just need to install WordPress and then on that WordPress installed you can install WooCommerce. Your WooCommerce base eCommerce site is ready now.

But did you ever think how to make your WooCommerce store secure and protect it from malware attacks? If you never think about it then start thinking now because it is really so necessary to make a eCommerce site secure. If you have a WooCommerce base eCommerce site then you can take some necessary steps to make your site secure. here in this post I am going to write about some of the great ways to make your WooCommerce base website secured.

Great ways to make your WooCommerce base eCommerce site secured

here are some of the great ways that I discovered to make a WooCommerce base eCommerce site secure:

Use a secure hosting:

I think this is the most important to use a secure hosting provide for your WooCommerce base eCommerce store. I can suggest you some of the secured WooCommerce hosting provider. CloudWays, Flywheel are two great secured hosting providers where you can start your WooCommerce site. All servers on the Cloudways Platform are protected by highly sophisticated firewalls. Their managed security will remove the worries related to security. In the other hand Flywheel provides you hacker-free security for managed WordPress hostings. They will properly configured the hosting for WooCommerce if you contact to their support for WooCommerce hosting.

Use security plugins:

There are lots of security plugins available for WooCommerce base sites. Some of the great security plugins for your WC store are:

1. Wordfence
2. iThemes Security
3. Sucuri Security
4. All In One WP Security & Firewall

Use Google reCaptcha:

Google is providing reCaptcha which you can use for your WooCommerce store to secure your eCommerce site. Google newly providing no Captcha reCaptcha which is guarantee more security than the old types of captcha system. No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA for WooCommerceWordPress ReCaptcha Integration and there are some more plugins available to easily confogured Google’s reCaptcha for your WooCommerce site. I recommend you to use Google noCaptcha recaptcha. noCaptha reCaptcha will provide you more security over the old type of reCaptcha.

Add SSL certificate:

Like any other types of eCommerce website, SSL certificate is essential for your WooCommerce store also. Especially SSl is essential on the checkout, account login and creation pages. Every eCommerce site should have SSL certificate. You can also see Amazon, ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal and most of the popular eCommerce business have their SSL certificate. Adding SSL on your website is little bit of complicated on many types of hosting providers. On Cloudways base hosting, you can easily add an SSL certificate on your Woo store.

Limit login attempts:

Limiting login attempts for your WooCommerce site will stop brute force attack on your store. There are some free plugins available on official WordPress plugin directory. You can use any one of those plugins which will stop brute force attack. Many security plugins I have mention above which can limit login attempts to your site.

Disable file editing from admin dashboard panel:

Another great security measure you can take is by disabling the file editing feature from the WordPress admin. Suppose a hacker have accessed to your WordPress admin. If you have disable the file editing features then the hacker will not be able to edit files.
You can easily disable the edit files option for all users by adding the following line of code to your wp-config.php website:

define(DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT, true );

Use different username than admin:

The password for admin”admin” can be easily guess and it come in mind easily for the first guess. So you should use a username for administrator account of your WordPress site that is completely different from “admin” and choose one which is not easy to guess. This way your WooCommerce store will be more secured.

Use strong password for admin and database:

It is necessary to use strong password for both WordPress admin and database. Also use different different password for database and WordPress admin. Keep in mind that you should use password you never use on any other place. For example never use a password that you have already used in your gmail or Facebook account.

Change database table prefix:

The default database prefix for most of the hosting provider is “wp_”. Though changing the prefix is a small security measure, I still recommend you to change the default “wp_” prefix as it is not hard to do during installing WordPress.

So these are my recommendation to make your WooCommerce base eCommerce site secured and to keep way malware attacks. Did you find this post useful? If you think this post to be useful then don’t hesitate to share this post on Facebook, twitter or any other social media. And thanks for showing interest in this post.

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