Virtual Credit Card For Indian Developers, College Students And Blog Owners

It is really a problem for developers, blog site owners and also for college students not to have a credit card. To apply for a credit card there are so many requirements for your bank account. And also for a student, it is almost impossible for having a credit card in India.

But don’t worry, You can have a virtual credit card which can be accepted by Google, PayPal and all the other online platform which want visa credit card. You can get this virtual credit card just from online and from your home within few minutes.

Entropay allow it to do this. With Entropay, you just have to add money using your Indian debit card and it will be added to your virtual credit card that provided by Entropay. You can use this card on Google, PayPal, Hosting provider and all other online platforms that accept international visa credit card.

Do I have to pay to get this card?

Well, you don’t have to pay for a usual process, but whenever you will add money into your virtual Entropay card, Entropay takes┬ácharge about 4.5% per transfer.

What happened if valid date end?

Your Entropay credit card will get a new valid date with new CVV code after you reach valid date.

Where can I use this card?

Almost everywhere which want credit card worldwide. An Entropay virtual credit card is accepted by PayPal, Google and all other hosting providers that accept international visa credit cards.

Is it secure?

Yes, virtual credit card from Entropay is completely secure and even more secure than the usual physical credit card that is provided by bank account.

Entropay will solve your credit card requirement. Even I am also using the Entropay credit card and I have successfully added it on PayPal. Also, I use it to advertise on Google. This website EyeSwift also giving the monthly hosting charge to Flywheel WordPress hosting using this virtual credit card. There are no hassle and nothing complicated to get this card. You just need to upgrade account by providing required document for removing the limitation of the amount of money to transfer. but you can use it without any problem under the limitations. Even it is good to use this virtual credit card instead of the usual physical credit card provided by bank account for security.

Why is Entropay virtual credit card better than physical card provided by a bank?

Physical credit card provided by a bank is directly connected to your bank account and all the money of your bank account are directly connected to this credit card. But in the case of virtual credit card, you can add the money depending on your requirement and it is not directly not connected with your bank account. First, you add money using your debit card and then spent the money only what you have added to your Entropay virtual credit card. And also you get more security with this card.


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