How To Earn Money Online Without Having A Website?

Are you thinking to you can earn money online from home? But don’t have a website? Don’t worry, I am going to tell you in this post how to earn money online without having a website. Lots of people’s earning money online from home and even some of them are earning a huge amount of money each month. There are lots of ways to earn online. Here below I have listed some of them:

Earn from the Fiverr marketplace

Fiverr is a marketplace website where buyers looking for services or “Gigs” and sellers are finding buyers to sell their gigs. If you have any skills that very few peoples have then you can submit it as a gig on the Fiverr marketplace. If your gig really useful for someone then maybe a buyer buy your gig.

Earn from YouTube

Do you know that YouTube is not only the place to watch and enjoying videos, but also you can earn money by uploading videos and allowing the ad on your video? There are lots of peoples earning money from YouTube and even some already earned huge amount of money when their videos go viral.

Earn from Facebook page and Twitter account

If your Facebook fan page has enough likes and also you have lots of followers on your twitter account with great engagement then it is also possible to earn on Facebook and Twitter. Maybe a company or would like you to add a post of their product or services and they will pay you. Another amazing thing is that you can submit a gig on Fiverr marketplace about your Facebook page that telling you will promote on your Facebook page or twitter account.

Write and Sell eBook

If you are good in writing then you can write an eBook and sell it on a website like Gumroad. Gumroad is a website which allows you to sell the digital downloadable product. They will take a commission on each sale that you will make a service charge. You can also sell it on amazon.

Sell other digital downloadable products

Like eBook, you can also sell other downloadable files likes like videos, mp3 songs, pictures, software and more on Gumroad, Amazon, Payloadz or any other digital product selling websites.

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Elance, Freelancers

Elance, Freelancer are some website from where you can earn by doing various projects. You need to bidding on projects. But it is harder to be get hired for the competition and lots of skills freelancers with good positive ratings.

Earn from online surveys

With this process, the amount of money is very little. You have to spend time for a long time to earn very few money. There are lots of online survey site available which will pay you for taking online surveys.


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