Why I Prefer Cloud Platform Over Dedicated Server For WordPress Blog?


Are you thinking what type of hosting is better for WordPress blog? Cloud server or dedicated server hosting? There are lots of WordPress blogs running on cloud hosting and they can easily buy a dedicated server with that price they are paying for cloud hosting. But why are they paying for cloud hosting? Well, I also recommend going with managed WordPress blog hosting on the cloud. Let’s see the reason below why I recommend this:

  1. In a cloud computing arena, your websites availability and uptime performance will obviously great as it integrates multiple physical servers under a shared virtualization technology where each physical server working simultaneously along with all the other physical servers on the same network. So your website stays scattered over all the connected shared servers. Now, if one of the servers goes down, all others remain intact. So your website remains omnipresent on the net.
  2. It consumes less time to add more bandwidth in cloud servers easily. But for dedicated servers, it takes more time and even may be few hours.
  3. Any up gradation and down gradation of the server can be done on the go with a simple process and need very less time. But for a dedicated server, it is time-consuming.
  4. In dedicated servers, it needs much more technical skills to understand and maintain and take a proper backup. But time is so precious to concentrate on writing blog and maintain it for a WordPress blog. Cloud hosting is easy and simple and you don’t need so much technical skill and you can focus and concentrate on the writing on the blog.

So you can see that it is better to get a cloud hosting for WordPress hosting. This is true that dedicated servers can give you higher RAM memory and fast server response time. But to setting up you need technical skills and you have to give lots of time which will cause the effect on concentrating on blog writing and earning money from your blog website. It is possible to get good server response time and speed on cloud hosting also. But your main target should be on blogging. Cloud hosting has very easy tools you don’t need technical skills and don’t have to give time for server management which save lots of time and time is really so precious for a blogger. You can also say that giving time on your blog site is also the key to success. So why you are going to give this time to maintain and manage a dedicated server where cloud platform save lots of time?

These all are the reason of my recommendation for hosting your WordPress blog on cloud server platform. And always choose managed WordPress hosting for a cloud platform to get the faster speed for your WordPress blog.

2 responses to “Why I Prefer Cloud Platform Over Dedicated Server For WordPress Blog?”

  1. James Smith says:

    The current and future of web hosting is Cloud hosting. Cloud hosting gives benefits over all traditional web hosting, the most prominent ones being in terms of performance, security and scalability. Cloudways managed WordPress cloud hosting platform is a good pick.

    • F.A Mollick says:

      Yes, you are right. CloudWays platform is a nice choice and the CloudWays has easy system which to manage the server and application…

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