Why I Am Not Using SEO Plugin For My WordPress Blog?

SEO is the most important thing to be configured for a blog site to get organic search traffic. Every blog should have SEO ready and should contain all the SEO tags like title tag, meta description etc. Without SEO it is not possible to get success in blogging.

Not only for blog websites, but also for all types of websites SEO is so important to getting organic search traffic. Organic search traffic are most valuable for an website and thus setting up the SEO before start writing blog must have to do.

For WordPress blog it is easy to configured SEO. After installing WordPress the SEO not configured in default. But there are some WordPress SEO plugins available. You can use one of the SEO plugin to configured SEO for your WordPress blog. All In One SEO, Yoast SEO are two popular plugins that you can use for your WordPress blog.

I am not using any SEO plugin for my WordPress blog

Though it is very important to configure SEO for a blog, but I am not using any SEO plugin for my WordPress blog EyeSwift. Are you shocked?

What are you thinking? I know that SEO is very important but still I am not using any SEO plugin for my WordPress blog. What is the reason behind it?

There are so many questions can come in your head after knowing that a guy ¬†aware of the value of SEO still not using any SEO plugin. So let me explain…

Why I am not using any SEO plugin for my WordPress blog?

I said that I am not using any SEO plugin for my WordPress blog, but I never said that SEO is not configured on my blog. Well, one thing I want to say that using plugin is not the only way to configure SEO on a WordPress blog.

In my case I have added the required SEO codes directly inside my theme. Yes, the theme of my WordPress blog EyeSwift has the inbuilt SEO functions. This is the WordPress theme with inbuilt SEO.

When I started to build this theme, I thought it is better to configure all the required SEO like title tags, meta tags etc inside my theme directly. But letter I know that there are nothing wrong to use SEO plugins. Even from one side using a SEO plugin is more good because it save time.

Though the inbuilt SEO code within y theme is working properly, but I could did it also by using a SEO plugins. But as my site is already running good with the theme so I am not going to use SEO plugin for my WordPress blog.


I always recommend you to use a reputed SEO plugin for your WordPress blog. In my case it is different. Why you are going to waste time by writing codes like me if you can do all of these just using a plugin? Always feel free to use SEO plugin like Yoast SEO or All In One SEO. These plugins are really nice and also easy to setup. Well I am still not going to use any WordPress SEO plugin as my blog is already running and the inbuilt SEO within theme is working properly like any SEO plugins.

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