WWW or non WWW for better SEO of your blog?

Peoples often eager to know if there are any different between WWW and non WWW for website domain. It may be also a confusing for a one who is going to start a blog. Many of them think about SEO impact for WWW and non WWW. They think which one is better for SEO of their blog and which will help to better rank on search engines.

Are you also among them who are confuse and thinking which one is better for blog SEO? If yes, then don’t worry. I am going to give you the answer. I hope it will help you and fulfill your need.

WWW or non WWW? Which one is better for your Blog SEO?

If you ask me which one is better between www and non www for SEO then I want to inform you that there are no SEO benefits of choosing one over another. Exactly, there are no different between WWW and non WWW in the sense of SEO rankings. Obviously there is a technical different between these two, but that never impact on SEO anyway.

So I always suggest you not to change your blog site URL. I mean never think to add WWW if your site is non WWW and also don’t remove WWW if your site is with WWW. changing this means Google and other search engines will take your site as a new website and you will loose your site ranking. So keep it as it is for long time.

So it is completely your personal choice whatever you choose between WWW or non-WWW for your blogging site. Even Google also honor your personal choice between WWW and non-WWW and no impact on Google ranking on your blog website. So there are no need to think about it too much. WWW or non WWW whatever your site URL have, it will never effect on SEO ranking of your site or blog and never effects on search engine ranking.

So what is the actual different between WWW and non WWW?

I have already inform you that there is a technical different between having WWW for domain and without non WWW. Now I am going to tell you the technical different:

When you choose WWW for your site, it works as a hostname which help with flexibility with DNS and it able to restrict cookies when using multiple subdomains, and more. But in case of non-WWW domains these types of domains referred as naked domains which does not have any technical advantage.

But the main purpose of this post is to discuss which one is better for SEO for your blog. You don’t need to think about the technical difference between WWW and without WWW, if your blog is already running with WWW or non WWW then keep it as it is. There are no need to add or remove WWW. Stop thinking about it and continue creating new and quality content on your blog. Carry on the good work with your blog and best of luck from me.

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