Write On One Topic Or Multi-Topic For Your New Blog Site?

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Are you thinking to start a new blog website for yourself and thinking about the topic of your blog? In which topic your blog should be or you should write blog on multi-topic? Well, many new bloggers is in a confusion with this. But in this post I am going to explain which can make it clear if you should write on one or multi topics.

Many newbie blog site owners think that it will really be good if they start blogging by writing post almost in every topics. They think that all of these will available in one place and peoples will like as all topics available in one place. They also think that they will get lots of visitors if they start blogging in almost every topics. They think it will better to write on blogging, fashion, science & technology, Photography, Travel, Health and so on.

But the truth is that this idea is really bad and this is one of the most important reason for failure of a newbie blogger. If are going to start a multi-topic or multi-niche blog then there is a maximum possibility of your failure.

Often the terms “niche” or “blog niche” used in blogging field. “Niche” refers to the primary or the particular topic that a blog is about. Starting a multi-niche or multi-topic blog is never a good idea. I am now going to explain the reason.

Why you should not start Blogging with Multi-Niche Blog?

If you want to start a blog site just for fun and you don’t have the target to earning money from your blog then you can write on multi-niche and whatever you like.

But if you want to earn money from your blogging site and want to take it serious and also want to get lots of traffic, then you must should choose a niche for your blog and you should only write related to your blogging site’s niche. Thus you will get more targeted and regular traffic for your site. Targeted traffic are very important to make profit from a blog website. It is very simple that if someone interested in a topic that is same to your niche than the visitors may visit your site in a regular basis and search engines also show it on their search results regularly. So your traffic will be higher. And in a blog site traffic = money. So if you are blogging as a means to an income, you have to write within a niche by proper business approach.

If someone search on Google with “Right way of taking a Photo in Day time”, than Google will give priority to the blogs with the photography only niche. It will avoid the blogs which contain multi-niche blog posts like fashion, photography, travel, business etc.

Now I am going to explain where in single topic or in multi-topic you will earn more money from your blog.

It is important point for every blogger that income from your blog is directly proportional to the quality and targeted traffic your blog is getting.

For example, suppose you are a company owner and you have an eCommerce website to sell mobile phones. You have limited budget to advertise. You have to write blog before selling for promoting your business. There are two options for you.

#Option 1: You can write blog on topics about various mobile phones and get 15000 page views per month and all of the traffic is coming for topics related to mobile phones.

#Option 2: You can write blog on various topics like fashion, photography, mobiles and accessories, travel etc and get 50000 page views per month and all of the traffic is coming for various topics related like fashion, photography, mobiles and accessory, travel etc.

Which one of these can give you more success in your business. I will choose the option 1 because I will get better ROI (return on investment) for my advertising budget. This is the targeted traffic that I want. As most of the peoples are interested to mobile phones, so there are a great chance of making more sell.

In option 2 most of the traffic not targeted and very few of them are interested to buy a mobile phone. Though traffic is higher, but I will make less sell and my profit will be less.

As earning from affiliate marketing is an important part of blog income so you can choose the affiliate products that related to your blog niche. Thus you can earn more profit. Here are two examples:

Example 1: 

Suppose you have a blog with niche related to technology products like smartphones, iPhones etc. If you have review blog post about a particular product then you can put the affiliate link of that phone. As your is in a particular niche so there will be a hiher chance that someone will buy using the affiliate link.

Example 2:

Suppose you have a blog and you have lots of review on hosting company on that blog. Most of the hosting company now provide affiliate system. Go and get affiliate link from hosting providers and put the affiliate link inside your post instead of putting the direct link. In this case also you will get targeted traffic who are in the mood of buying a hosting plan. So there is a great chance that someone buy the hosting plan.

Now I think you understand why a blog niche and targeted traffic is needed for more income.

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