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Images can make your blog attractive and beautiful. Often blog readers understand perfectly what your blog post want to say from the image inside your blog post content. But every blogger don’t know that image is not only for making a blog beautiful and understandable, but also image can increase the search engine traffic for the blog if it properly configured for SEO.

Yes, it is possible to get more traffic to your WordPress blog from SEO friendly images. But many bloggers don’t use the images inside their post content for getting search engines. They leave blank the alt and title tag for images.

alt tags and title tags for images?

Lets have a look to this HTML code

<img src="image.jpg" alt="image alt text" title="title of the image"/>

So you have seen where to put the alt tag and title tag for a image. Putting proper text for these tags can make your blog to get more traffic from search engines.

Google suggest to create great alt text matching with the content of web page. Google places a relatively high value on alt texts to determine what is on the image and also to determine the topic of surrounding text.

How to put alt text and title tag texts on WordPress for images?

Whenever you are going to put an image inside your post content, you can put the alt and title text. The title attribute take the image file name as title tag but the alt attribute remain blank. If you have no alt attribute, it copies the the title as alt attribute. This is always better than writing nothing for alt and title attributes. But this is not enough and image file name also always not proper. You should always take time in writing a nice alt and title tags for image. Well alt attribute is very important, but the title attribute for images are not so much important. But it is always better to set the title attribute also for the images on your WordPress blogging site.

Also there are some plugins available which provide image SEO. Some SEO plugins like Yoast do this nicely. SEO Friendly ImagesWordPress Image SEOSeo Optimized Images are some plugins which can be use for making your images SEO friendly for your WordPress blog site and you don’t have to write SEO for all the images one by one.

I always and highly recommend to make your images SEO friendly.



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