3 Tools To Know About Real Time Visitors On Your Website

Live website visitor tracking is an amazing way to see the real time visitors of your website. To know the number of visitors a website receive is important, but what if you need to know how many visitors are online on your website right now? Also, right now on which pages of your website they are?

There are lots of online tools available which can tell you about the real time visitors on your website. In this post, I am going to tell you about three great online website visitors tracking tools that can give you some information about the real-time visitors on your site.

Here are I am going to discuss these 3 tools:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a widely used visitors tracking tool that is provided by Google. Though the website’s traffic statistics update is not in real-time currently from this tool, you can see the real time visitors from this tool.

Google Analytics can show you how many visitors are currently online on your website right now, in which pages of your website they are, what are the locations of live visitors and much more. So it is really a great way to track the real-time visitors of your website.


Clicky is a nice web analytics tool that can build traffic statistical report in real time. It is very strong yet, so simple tool. But the most amazing thing related to this post is that it will let you track the live visitors on your website. It will let you know about live visitors, there visit pages, referrer link and more.

Clicky is also can be used as one of the best Google Analytics alternatives. The user interface of Clicky web analytics is clean and simple and they also have mobile versions for iPhone and Android. The free version of this tool limits 3,000 daily page views and one site.

It will show you the live visitors location on a world map. Also, it checks individual visitors and their activities. Even I also have checked Clicky and I was totally impressed with this web analytics tool.


Clicktale is another great online tools to track your live visitors of your website. This tool focus on taking an individual user session and can allow you as the administrator, to playback the visit for that particular user from their first page to the next. Thus it really helps you to see all the actions and activity for that particular visitor. This feature of Clicktale makes it really different from lots of other live visitors tracking tools.

So these are the 3 great online tools which let you track live visitors of your website and can inform you how many visitors are online right now on your site. There are some other online tools also available which can give you the real time visitors activity. Also, let me know if you have used some other types of online web statistics tool which gives you current online visitors statistics report.

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