Does redesign of your site affects SEO and traffic?

A running website sometimes needs to be designed newly to make it more good looking in the modern time of the internet. But before you redesign your website you have to know lots of things.

One of the most important things related to the redesigning of a site is that if you redesign your website or blog, will it harm on SEO and will you lose your traffic. If it hurts your SEO then how to prevent it?

Surely, redesign of your website will affect on SEO if you don’t do it in the proper way. You may lose your website traffic which will then reduce the revenue. So you must have to know the proper way of giving your site a new design so it does not hurt your SEO and traffic.

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Making a new design for an existing website is always welcome and sometimes it is necessary. But before you do that, you have to learn about several things like how SEO will be affected and how to do it in the proper way so that you will prevent your site from traffic loss.

Proper way to redesign website without losing SEO and traffic

Now I am going to tell you the proper way of redesigning a website that will not have any bad effects on SEO and you can prevent the traffic loss.

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There are lots of things you need to take care of at the time of making a new design for your website. Here I have discussed some important things that you should keep in mind when you are going to make the new design for your website:

Keep the meta tags and title tag same

Build your new design in a way that all the meta tags like meta key, meta description, title and all the SEO meta tags are same like the old design. These are so important part of SEO which called on page SEO. If you forget to migrate important meta tags, for example, meta description, then it will highly affect on your SEO and you will soon see the negative effect on your site. Your site will lose a huge amount of traffic.

So, you must have to be sure about the migration of meta tags and title so that it will be available as same as your old website.

Be sure about heading tags, paragraph tags, and others

Heading tags inside your website content are also so important factors of SEO. The heading tags in HTML are <h1>, <h2>, <h3>……<h6>. The main title of the page should be within a <h1> heading tag.

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You should also be sure about that all the heading tags in the new design are same as the old design. Even you should also keep the <p> tags, <strong> tags, <b> tags same as the old design.

Search engines can also read and differentiate each tag. These tags are also taken as the part of SEO factors.

Start the site with new design on a temporary domain

It is always better to start your website with the new design on a temporary domain or subdomain. There you can see and check if your website is ready to replace the old design. Also, you can check all the SEO factors are perfect or not in the design before you change the old design.

Redirects to new URLs

If the pages of your website have different URLs after the redesign process, it is very important that you use 301 redirects to inform the search engines that the content has permanently moved to a new location. With this way, search engines will able to know that the content of your site on new URLs has similar contents like old URLs.

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