9 Android Apps to Make Money Online

Android Apps to Make Money Online

Making money using your Android smartphone isn’t as difficult as you may think. How much time do you spend using your phone every day? Some of that time could be spent putting some cash in your pocket. None of these apps will turn you into a billionaire, but they will supply you with some much-needed money.

Pull out your smartphone and put it to work, making you some money with these android apps.


Are you into Bitcoin? If so, then Cointiply is right up your alley. Cointiply pays you in Bitcoin to perform all kinds of tasks. You can fill out surveys, watch videos, and complete offers. All of the money you earn is paid out to you in Bitcoin. If you already have a Bitcoin wallet, then this is a perfect way for you to put some money into it. If you don’t have a wallet, join Cointiply and get yourself one so they can pay you.


Do you like to scratch-off lottery tickets? If so, then you’re going to love Lucktastic. You get paid to scratch off tickets when you play Lucktastic. Are you feeling lucky? If so, then join and see how much you can win. The payouts aren’t the best, but the games are a ton of fun. The great thing about Lucktastic is you get to scratch-off lottery tickets on your phone, and they don’t cost you any money. If you have scratching fever, then Lucktastic is the cure.


Etsy sellers know that this is an untapped goldmine. Are you the creative type? Why not put your creativity to work for you? Etsy allows you to sell all kinds of handcrafted items. If you make it, then Etsy will allow you to sell it. Everything can be done right on your phone, and that means you’ve already got the tools required to be a success.

You’ve got a camera to take pictures and videos, and you can write your product description on your phone as well. Etsy customers aren’t afraid to shell out big bucks for unique items. Don’t shy away from charging what you think an item is worth just to sell more. Put a price tag on your item that is worthy of your hard work and effort.


Foap may be new to some of you reading this. Foap allows you to sell stock photos to customers. The internet is in constant need of stock photos for web pages and even videos. You take pictures and upload them to Foap. You split the price of a photograph 50/50 with Foap. Remember, an image can sell multiple times. The fees are a little high, but it is a way for you to make money by taking pictures using your phone. If you’re a shutterbug who takes lots of photos, it might be possible to sell a few of them.


InboxDollars dollars has been around for what feels like forever. You make money with them by a variety of means. You take surveys, watch videos, and do other tasks. InboxDollars is a nice little side hustle for those who are looking to make a few dollars every month. You can trust InboxDollars that they will pay you as long as you follow the rules.

Download the app and give it a whirl. You will quickly see that everything is straight forward, and doing the tasks won’t take up much of your time. Fill out a survey while you’re eating breakfast or watch a video while sitting on the bus on your way to work.

Survey Junkie

Do you think your opinion is worth money? Survey Junkie does. The Survey Junkie app is quick and easy to install and use. You’ll use your smartphone to answer all kinds of questions. None of the questions that Survey Junkie takes a rocket scientist to answer.

The surveys won’t take up too much of your precious free time every day. Everyone reading this uses their phone for a variety of things that burn through way too much time. You know how much time you spend every day looking at funny stuff on Facebook. Why not spend a little of that time filling out surveys and earn some spending cash?


How much money do you spend online? Wouldn’t you love to get some cashback on your purchases? You can if you join Ebates. If you shop at the stores that Ebates has deals with, they will give you a small percentage of cashback. Usually, the percent is low, about 1% to 2%, but you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to get it.

You were already going to purchase the item on the internet. Why not get a little money back on your purchase? Ebates has paid out over a billion dollars since 1999. You read that right. You can trust Ebates, and they have partnered up with some of the largest online retailers, and that ensures you already shop at some of them.


eBay is a massive auction site where you can sell almost anything. eBay is one of those sites that you can find yourself spending way too much time looking at all the stuff. Everyone has some stuff in their home that they don’t use any more. Do you think no one would ever wear that outdated outfit you bought five years ago? Someone on eBay will buy it from you.

Garage sales and flea markets are great places to find merchandise to sell on eBay. The trick to selling stuff on eBay is to buy your items as cheaply as possible. Negotiate with people at garage sales and see if they’ll take less than the sticker price. Take your smartphone with you to see how much sellers are getting for similar items on eBay.


Swagbucks is the most popular Android app to make money online with. You can trust Swagbucks will pay you. There are many different ways to earn money with Swagbucks. You can watch videos, fill out surveys, and also get rebates by using their referral link when shopping online. Swagbucks has its own search engine, and you also make money if you use it. You already search Google every day for a variety of things. Why not set Swagbucks as your default search engine and make a little cash for your searches?

The trick to earning with apps is to use many of them

Sure, some people make their living selling on Etsy and eBay. However, most people who make money with apps do so by using several of them at the same time. There is no limit to how many of the apps that you’re allowed to install on your phone. The only limit is how much free time you have to devote to taking surveys, watching videos, and doing all the other things required to earn money.

If you find yourself bored all day without anything to do, then many of these apps will fill the void. They’ll give you something to do, along with helping put a little cash in your bank account. Invest your time in the apps that pay you the most doing things that you find enjoyable.

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