5 Best Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for Your Blog

Online Plagiarism Checker Tools for Your Blog

Having a plagiarism checker tool is so important to be sure that your content is original and unique. I hope, you already aware of this fact, that plagiarism content affects your blog on search engines like Google.

If you are running a blog website and accepting guest blogger then the importance of checking for plagiarism is far higher. You must have to be aware of the fact if the content submitted by the author is original and unique or not.

To check for duplicate content of your bog, you have to use tools that can do it for you. So in this article, I am going to list 5 of the best online plagiarism checker tools that can check for duplicate content of your blog article.

If you want to know about plagiarism in detail that I recommend you to read this blog article – What is plagiarism and how it can effect your blog?

5 online duplicate content checker tools

Below is the list of the online tools to check for duplicate content:

Grammarly Plagiarism Checker

Grammarly is a popular tool for bloggers and content writers. The performance of this tool is great and very useful for checking duplicate content for articles. It can check if the content is original or taken from other sources quickly with the link of the source page.

This tool is not only for the online plagiarism checker, but it can also check grammar, spelling mistakes of the article.

Small SEO Tools

The Small SEO Tools is a completely free plagiarism checker tool that works online. It allows checking plagiarism up to 1000 words once in free of cost. Most of the new bloggers go through this tool as this is a free tool available online.

To check plagiarism with this tool, all you need to do is just copy and paste your content and submit. Within a few moments you will get the result.


If you are looking for an online plagiarism checking tools that prefer results over numbers then Unicheck can be a great choice for you. It works very smoothly and checks for the pages relatively faster.

As this tool costs higher so it is only recommended for bloggers and corporates who have sufficient income.


Quetext is another great online tool to check duplicate content. For free of cost, they provide limited usage. Their premium plan starts at $9.99 per month. However, their free plan allows 5 free checks in a month.

Their word placement, contextual analysis and smart algorithms make it a powerful tool that turns it into a deep search technology. it can scan websites, academic papers, and books to find for duplicates.

The amazing thing about Quetext is that it returns the web page links and the amount of matched content in percentage with the results.


Plasium is another tool that allows you to check for plagiarism in a quick way. After you open their homepage, you will get the box where you have to paste your article content and will get web pages source with the content matching in percentage just within a few seconds.


Well, these are just five tools that I think as good. Of course, there will be more online plagiarism checker tools available. You can let me know about any other duplicate checking tool that you like and think should be on this list. Also, you can share which one of these tools you would like.

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