How To Write SEO Friendly Article? – A Guide Of Writing SEO Friendly Articles


The best way to ensure your article online gets a lot of readers and web traffic is to ensure that the article is SEO friendly. There are many ways to make this happen. Some of the best ways are listed below to act as your guide to writing SEO Friendly Articles:

a. Great Content Always Works

First things first – always pen down amazing content. That’s what the readers come to your site for, the content. Make the content great and the readers will come! Make sure you are the leading authority in the content you write, since unique content is rare. Pick something you’re passionate about, research well, and just blaze away with the content and the results of your work will make you happy.

b. Optimize Page Titles

The <title> HTML tag defines a web page’s title, and it is a very precise description of website page’s content. Page titles should be shorter than Meta Descriptions and around 60 to 70 characters and should have your branding, such as blog name or company name.

c. Analyse SEO Stats

The most efficient way to monitor your SEO campaign’s progress is to employ tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster to get specific stats about traffic generation and retention.

d. Create Cornerstone Pages

Cornerstone pages in a website are concentrated doses of content that represent large parts of a blog post. So this can be achieved by using a cluster of cleverly and judiciously placed keywords. Since ranking of a site occurs mainly by page ranking, this is a key step in SEO protocol.

e. Avoid Hidden Text and Links

Another black hat method to increase traffic which should be avoided is to place hidden links such as hyperlinking a single character to form a link, or inserting white text against a white background or even reducing the font size to zero. Google algorithms see past these tricks and will ultimately cost you your rankings.

f. Set Up a Keyword List

It is good to use tools to find trending keywords on the net and incorporate them in your content. Keywords can be calculated on a per page basis and laid out accordingly in the content to maximize chances of Google bots finding your content. You can use Google Keyword planner to choose the keywords for your blog article.

g. Add Schema Markup

By adding Schema Markup to your page HTML you will automatically garner more hits to the site. This is done by adding customer ratings, Images, so on and so forth. Adding schema markup will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your website and blog.

h. Write Powerful Meta Descriptions

A Meta description is equal to the title of your post with respect to SEO. Be sure to include only the most relevant keywords for your Meta Description. This will ensure traffic to your site almost in a magnet like fashion. As this is the first thing a Google website crawler would read. There should be around 120-140 Characters as a Meta Description which is ideal for search bot detection.

Most important in all these tips is to make sure the implementation of these tips is done right. If you use the right SEO tools as suggested you are bound to power through all the tips. In all probability you will already have a few steps down pat and you may also need to fix a few things fast. You just have to implement the other tips in moderation to get an optimal result to see the traffic rolling in!

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