4 Paid Traffic Sources That Are Safe and AdSense Friendly

By F.A Mollick

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Safe And Adsense Friendly Paid Traffic Sources

You will find a lots of website from where you can buy traffic for your blog. You can also find that many traffic selling website is providing really a high amount of traffic for incredibly cheap price. There are many Fiverr gigs available which can send a huge amount of traffic to your blog site for very cheap price or for $5.

But one thing I want to inform you that you should never buy that kind of cheap traffic from that kind of websites and Fiverr which send you a massive traffic on your blog site. You should not buy these traffic because almost all of these are fake traffic and most of them are bot traffic. These types of traffic can harm your site and also can be harmfull for your AdSense earning.

So should you buy traffic?

Well I am never against buying traffic. I also invest money for buying traffic for my blogs. Here in this post I am going to explain how to get AdSense friendly traffic. I have listed 4 paid traffic sources from where buying traffic is completely safe and also these traffics are AdSense friendly. These sources of paid traffic will also improve Alexa ranking of your site.

List of four paid traffic sources that are safe and AdSense friendly

Here are the list of four safe and AdSense friendly paid traffic sources to promote your blog or website that I have already used and still continue using it for promote my new post after publish. All of these can provide you targeted traffic. lets see it:

  1. Facebook ads: Facebook is not only a great social community platform, but also it is a great source of paid traffic. Facebook ads is using by a huge amount of companies, brands, small business and also by blog owners. Well I am also using it.
  2. Twitter ads: Twitter is a micro blogging social media and they also providing paid traffic for websites. Twitter ads also used hugely as a paid traffic sources and I am also a buyer of Twitter ads.
  3. Google AdWords: Google AdWords is my favorite paid traffic sources and I have spent most for getting paid traffic on Google AdWords. Peoples who search on Google will be able to see the ad that you provide and as their keyword match with yours so there are a huge chance that your affiliate product or service will be sold because they are in a buying mood.
  4. Reddit: Reddit is also a nice platform to get traffic. You can choose the subreddit while you are going to advertise on Reddit.

There are many more sources of paid traffic available. But in this post I have only listed those which I have already used to get traffic for my blog EyeSwift. You can also buy traffic for your blog from these sources of traffic. If you have bought traffic from any other sources then you can write your experience on comment box of this post.

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