8 Advantages Of Choosing A Dedicated Hosting Provider

Advantages Of Dedicated Hosting Provider

While shared hosting is what you go for as a new and upcoming business to keep the budget in order, once you gain recognition and develop a name for yourself you must invest more in web hosting. Shared hosting is very beneficial for new businesses with low capital. Most companies tend to shift to dedicated web hosting after the first few months or a year.

When your business increases so will the online presence and that requires more space. While shared web hosting can allocate you more space, it will still have fewer advantages as compared to dedicated web hosting. So if you’re an entrepreneur who thinks that their business is flourishing at a high pace, you should know about the benefits of all your possible options. If you want to know about managed dedicated servers in the USA and Europe (NL) -Hostiserver is where you can find additional information.

Dedicated server platforms provide better benefits to companies and therefore are preferred over shared web hosting. Some of the reasons that many companies are shifting to dedicated web hosting are listed below:

1.    You have their undivided attention

If your business is on the rise, you should treat yourself with the taste of being handled exclusively. Webhosting is the core of your online presence, and you should be guaranteed that your company has the full attention of the web hosting site. In case of shared web hosting the attention is divided which is why there is a higher chance of an error.

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Being exclusive has its charms, your application will be dealt with by the web server without the hindrance of another company’s problems. The CPU and RAM will be entirely devoted to your application, which saves you from the issues that occur in shared hosting. Such as the use of the bandwidth by another company doesn’t affect your server, neither do you have to worry about the fact that another company may be utilizing the CPU more than your business which may clog up your website.

    2. Better security protocol

Dedicated web hosting provides better security protocols than shared hosting. Your website is immune to the security risks that another website may be prone to. Under shared web hosting no matter how much you try to enhance your site security your website will still be in danger since it will be on the same server as other business websites. If one website has a security breach, it is entirely possible that your site may become collateral damage.

Another security benefit that this will allow you to have is that you will be able to compartmentalize information. For example, if you want to get your website design updated and you hire someone for that, you will not have to give them complete access. Moreover, you will have better control over your website.

3.    More reliable

The enhanced security protocols enhance the reliability of dedicated hosting.  The fact that your site is free from any outside interference and shortcomings in other websites will not affect you, is one of the reasons why it is more reliable than shared hosting.

The customizability of dedicated web hosting also makes it more reliable. Due to the fact that you are in charge of the specific space allocation, you can compartmentalize the given resources according to your particular needs.

4.    You can manage your server

Another perk of having your server is that you can handle it any way you want. You can run any application that you deem fit and not worry about a restricted amount of allocated space. Apart from that, you can customize the security protocols on your applications. Managing your server gives you firsthand experience and uncensored information access.

5.    You can have your very own IP Address

Having your IP address means that now it is in your hand to make your image. While sharing an IP address with another company, your company can suffer or gain benefit due to the reputation of others. While one mistake can lead to the IP address being blocked a great hit can also increase traffic. While optimists will argue that maybe we will expand our site traffic a realist would know that it is better safe than sorry.

6.    Enhanced performance

While shared web hosting requires you to have a hypervisor and resource limiter, a dedicated server will help you get rid of it, as you won’t have to limit your resources your website will be using all available resources, and hence website performance will increase. You will have access to the whole available memory. The hardware will be dedicated to your website. You will be able to handle more substantial traffic more stable. Optimization will be your decision as you won’t be affecting any other site and maximum uptime will be yours.

7.    Customization is easy

Due to the fact that you will have access to the full resources, you will be able to customize your website to the customers need. For example, if your site has the option of the regular and premium customer, you can customize their benefits and the perks that they are allowed to have.

8.     Flexibility

You can make changes on a much frequent basis. In a shared hosting server, you cannot make changes on a periodic basis as they affect the other websites. With dedicated web hosting, you can allow a certain amount of memory to one specific area and then according to your reading of the traffic you can alter the memory allocation. The same is the case with other aspects of your website.

The one issue that often comes up is that dedicated web hosting costs more than shared web hosting. Some people only look at the price and make the wrong choice. While running an independent business, you should make decisions. You should know where and when to invest your money. While shared web hosting is a good temporary option, it is better to invest in dedicated web hosting for the long run.


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