Optimized Faster Speed WordPress Hosting From Ultra Web Hosting

I have already written so many reviews and features about several WordPress hosting providers and now I am here in this post am going to tell you about managed and optimized WordPress hosting of Ultra Web Hosting.

This is the first time tat I am going to tell you about managed WordPress hosting on Ultra Web Hosting hosting provider.

Ultra web hosting is a Seattle-based hosting provider started out as a Flux Services in the year 2002. Later as a result of many frustrations with hosting providers with one thing in mind, to make a better web hosting company. Now Ultra is a hosting provider including domain registration, design, and consultation and strives to make hosting easier and websites faster. Ultra web hosting company has many awards as a good web hosting provider over a decade.

About managed and optimized hosting provider on Ultra web hosting

Ultra web hosting is providing optimized and managed WordPress hosting which is perfect for a personal blog as well as a WP blog with thousands of traffic per day and even millions of traffic per month. Their WordPress hosting plan just started from $12.95 per month.

If your site is already getting a high amount of traffic then it is obviously a good idea to migrate it on Ultra managed WordPress hosting. Now I am going to tell about the features of WP hosting on Ultra managed platform.

Features of Ultra optimized WordPress hosting

Here are some of the great features from Ultra optimized WordPress hosting:

UltraSpeed Caching:

I have already tell you many times and you may be tired of listening to this. but the reality is that speed is one of the major factors of any website and blog. Google also now take website loading speed as a ranking factor.

The UltraSpeed Caching of this hosting provider will give your WordPress blog good speed and performance.

Free domain for the first year:

You will get a free domain for the first one year which is really great to save money from buying the domain. After that, you have to renew by making payment.

Web space:

You never have to worry about web space. Ultra optimized WordPress hosting has come with the unlimited amount of web space.

Free website transfer:

You don’t have to worry about transferring your existing WordPress site as their expert transfer your site for free of cost.

Dedicated IP:

Dedicated IP may helpful to you for many reasons. Ultra is providing a dedicated IP with their optimized WP hosting plan.

Content Delivery Network (CDN):

I have already discussed CDN or Content Delivery Network. It is a great service to speed up your site by providing static contents like JavaScript, CSS, images from a nearer data center. To know more about a CDN service, I suggest you reading this blog post – What Is CDN And Why You Should Use It For Your Website?

45 days of money back guarantee:

Hosting providers with a money back guarantee is really needed when you think to go with a hosting provider only when you see it is really giving your site a good performance. Ultra optimized WordPress hosting provide 45 days of money back guarantee. If you see their hosting performance for your WordPress site is great then you can continue using it by paying for a plan.

One click easy to install WordPress:

It is really so easy to install and start a WordPress site within just few click on Ultra optimized WP hosting. You don’t need any technical knowledge to do it.

Xeon CPU Performance 3x performance:

Xeon CPU Performance of Ultra with a 3x performance is really great for providing a good performance and speed for your WordPress site.

Unlimited websites:

You can host an unlimited number of WordPress sites on Ultra’s optimized managed WordPress hosting.


These are some of the major and great features from optimized and managed WordPress hosting on Ultra web hosting. Again I want to say that it has a 45 days money back guarantee. So there is no risk. You can try it for your WordPress blog.

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