Different Ways Of Making Money From A Fashion Blog

There are plenty of fashion bloggers that exist worldwide. Some of them are already earning a decent amount of money from their fashion-related blog. If you have also started a fashion blog and thinking to start a fashion blog then this post may be helpful to you and lots of others like you.

In this article, I am going to discuss several great ways of making money from a fashion niche blog.

Grow your blog and get traffic

Without traffic nothing, you can earn from your blog. But lots of fashion bloggers don’t have proper knowledge in SEO which is very important to drive search traffic on blogs.

For a WordPress blog there are some popular SEO plugins like All In One SEO, Yoast SEO is available. You can also hire an SEO expert for your fashion blog. After that, you need to write quality content and need to wait some time to see a decent amount of traffic. After getting a good amount of traffic you can earn money from several methods.

You can also use social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook to drive traffic to your fashion blog. Well, for a fashion blog, Pinterest works best as most of the users on Pinterest are female and the fashion category is so popular.

Earn from affiliate networks

Lots of blogs are earning a huge amount of money from affiliate networks. As a fashion blogger, you can also earn by joining an affiliate program like Amazon Associates, shopstylecollective.com etc.

In the affiliate system, you have to add a unique affiliate link on your site that is provided by the affiliate program you join, and whenever someone buys the product using your affiliate link you will earn a percentage as commission for that sale made via your affiliate link.

You can place an affiliate link inside your post that is related to the post article or you can write a review type article for a product with the affiliate link for that product to buy. Here is a post where I have discussed several affiliate networks for a fashion blog – Best Affiliate Programs For Fashion Blog.

Collaborate with brands

Once you start getting good amount of traffic and followers on social media, you may get a proposal from brands to publish sponsored content on your blog.

Some of the fashion blogs are earning a minimum $500 for one sponsored blog post. Even a fashion blogger often get fashion related products to wear it and post a photo with it as a part of the sponsorship and can make money.

Be sure that anyone can contact you through your site. Add contact form or email on your blog site so that brands can contact you easily.

Earn from Influencer networks

If you are not able and not sure how to reach to brands then you can join Influencer networks where you can meet directly to the brands and can promote their product to earn.Their are some Influencer networks available which can establish partnership between brands and bloggers. TheShelf, Blogmeetsbrand, Cirqle, MassiveSway etc are some of the influencer networks where you can give a try.

Earn from CPC, CPM ad networks

Like all of the blogging site, you can also earn from CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) ad networks. Google AdSense, InfoLinks are some of the great ad networks that can be used to monetize your blog. Well, your blog needs lots of traffic to earn considerable money from your fashion blog. You will get paid when someone clicks on ad in the CPC system and earn per thousand ad impressions in CPM system ad network.

Sell your own products

If you have your own fashion-related products like jewelry collection, skirt, jeans, beauty products etc then you can sell it through your fashion blog. You can setup an online store by using the WooCommerce plugin for your WordPress base fashion blog and then easily can sell your products online. Shopify is also a great choice to sell your products.

Okay, so did you think this article helpful for fashion bloggers? If you have any other methods that can be helpful for fashion bloggers then you can let me know. I will also like to listen from you.

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