Cheap Cloud Hosting Providers To Start Your WordPress Blog

In this blog post I am going to list some cheap cloud hosting providers where you can start a WordPress blog. But before I am going to list these cheap cloud hosting providers I am going to discuss and on what is cloud hosting and how it works. If you don’t know about cloud hosting then you should know before you use it.

What is cloud hosting and how it works?

In cloud hosting let me first what is what the ‘cloud’. The “cloud” is a common term that refers to a collection of servers that can be used to store data between them. In this way, if a server is full with data then the remainder of your data is stored on another server.

So cloud hosting is a type of hosting where your website will host on a collection of server. In cloud hosting technology if one server go offline then other servers will keep your site online. This is one of the great beneficial of cloud hosting technology.

Some of the cheap cloud hosting providers where you can start your WordPress blog:

Here are some of the cloud hosting providers to start your WordPress blog which are available in cheap price:


CloudWays is very cheap and their price for cloud hosting starts from $5 per month. They has the 15 days of trial for their DigitalOcean server. Lots of bloggers are running their blog on CloudWays cloud server. It is really so easy to setup server and start your WordPress site on CloudWays cloud server. You can choose any of the provided infrastructure choices between Amazon, Google, DigitalOcean, kyup, or Vultr—for your WordPress blog.


DigitalOcean is so popular cloud hosting provider and many other cloud hosting provider are providing hosting from DigitalOcean. CloudWays also let you start your WordPress blog on DigitalOcean. Well, to start and setup your server on DigitalOcean you need to have lots of technical knowledge and the process is complicated. But if you choose cloud hosting providers like CloudWays, then they let you manage your server on DigitalOcean easily. DigitalOcean is very good cloud server, but if you have not enough technical knowledge then I recommend you to use DigitalOcean through CloudWays.


Flywheel is a managed hosting provider for WordPress sites and blog that is built truely and specially only for hosting WordPress site. Their plan starting from $15. EyeSwift is hosting on Flywheel managed WordPress hosting and I have a great experience with this hosting provider. Flywheel provide blazing fast speed with high security for your WordPress blog. There are lots of features available on Flywheel managed WordPress hosting.

HostGator Cloud Platform For WordPress

Hostgator also providing managed WordPress hosting specially for WordPress site that is starts with $5.95 per month. It will be run on cloud base server of hostgator. Their speed, uptime and overall performance are nice with the incredibly cheap price.

BlueHost Cloud Platform

The cloud solution of BlueHost is powerful, affordable and easy to use cloud servers. It just starts with the price $6.95 per month. You can start your WordPress blog with cheap price on BlueHost cloud hosting server.

These are some popular cheap cloud hosting providers for your WordPress blogging site. There are lots of more cloud providers available in the business where you can start your your WordPress blog. But in this blog post I have discussed about some of the cheap WordPress cloud hosting providers with good performance.

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