How To Choose Right WordPress Blog theme For Your Blog?

It is really easy to start a blogging site and you don’t need to be a developer or no programming skills needed. WordPress is an open-source CMS application that you can install and setup on your hosting server and your own blog website will be ready.

There are lots of free and premium themes available for a WordPress blog. These free and premium WP blog themes are also easy to install and setup. But the trouble come when you are going to choose the theme for your blog.

So what is the problem while choosing the right theme?

Most newbies bloggers who are going to start a new blog face the problem while choosing a theme. There are a huge number of themes for a WP site available which are enough to make anyone confuse who is going to choose a theme for their WordPress blog.

There are thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available and most beginners feel overwhelmed when it comes to selecting a perfect WordPress theme for a WP blog site.

Most of the bloggers want a unique theme for their WordPress site. But the free and premium WordPress themes used by a lots of bloggers. May be hundreds of blogging sites are using the same theme that you choose for your WordPress blog.

Also, it is not so easy to test a lot of theme to find a correct theme that exactly matches your choice. This needs a lot of time to install and test each theme and checking the options panel of each theme.

So how to choose the right WordPress blog theme for your blog?

You have to look into several thinks before you choose a WordPress blog theme for your blog. Here are some of these:

Choose a neat and clean theme

A blog site should have a neat and clean theme with attractive looks. The main purpose of a blog website is to provide various information with text and pictures and maybe video also. The main base for a blog site is text. So choose a theme where the text looks clean and easy to read.

Choose a theme that load fast

There are some WordPress themes available that can attract you by so many functionalities, theme options panel, custom post type, complex layout options, flashy animations etc inside. But most of these themes load slower. And for just a blog site most of these are not needed. A simple and clean theme is always good for a blog site. Always choose a theme that load faster. A faster theme makes your blog fast.

See ratings and review before choosing a theme

It is a great way to choose the right blog theme for your WordPress blog by checking the reviews and ratings. You can read what are they saying about those theme who already using these themes.

Get a custom and unique theme

The best way according to me is to choosing a custom theme. Invest some money and hire a WordPress theme designer and developer who can build a theme for your blog just like you want.

All the premium and free WordPress themes that you can download can be also downloaded by some other and thus may be hundreds of blog site are already using your theme if you have downloaded it. So it is always better to get a custom theme by hiring a WordPress theme developer.

With the custom theme design, you will able to get the theme exactly you want. The free and premium themes come sometimes nearer to your choice but for very little things you have to take the decision to reject that theme. It really hurts you. So if you get a custom theme designed then it will be just like you want.

Browser compatibility

Choose a theme that is compatible with all types of browsers. The visitors that will come to your site will use different browsers and your site should be perfect for all types of browsers. So always test your theme on different types of browsers and also on mobile as well before using it.

Use SEO friendly theme

Your theme should be SEO friendly. A good looking theme that you have to choose and like it so much can be included poorly generated code which will be the reason for reducing the value on search engines. It may be difficult for you to check the source code of the theme. You can hire an SEO expert.

You can also check the markup validity of the HTML of your site on The W3C Markup Validation Service.

My recommendation for choosing a WordPress blog theme

Lastly, there is a recommendation on how to choose the right WordPress theme.

I always recommend you hire a WordPress theme designer so that you can get a custom-designed WordPress theme that looks unique and no one is using that theme as I have already explained above in this post. To hold the sign of your brand you must need to use a unique theme that others are not using.

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