Why Web Push Notifications Are Better Than Email Newsletter?

Email marketing has been in the market for a long time and email newsletter is one of the part of email marketing. You can see a lots of websites and blogs are using email newsletter. In email newsletter, visitors need to subscribe by providing their email addresses to the newsletter box on website and later the owner or administrator of that site can send mass email to those email addresses. May be you are also using email newsletter on your website or blog.

Web push notifications is a new technique that can be use as the alternative of email newsletter. Lots of blogging sites are using email newsletter and web browsers push notifications together. Web push notifications are handled by the web browsers. It is far different than push notifications technique.

So which one is better? web push notifications or email newsletter?

Which one is better? Web push notifications or email newsletter? Which one is more effective? If you ask me then I will answer honestly that web push notifications is far better than email newsletter. Obviously, you can use both web browser push notifications and email newsletter on your site or blog. But in case of effectiveness web push notifications is more effective than email newsletter.

Why using web browser push notifications is better than email newsletter?

Now I am going to tell you why web push notifications are better way to get regular traffic on your website or blog site. There are lots of reasons for which push notifications is better and more effective than email subscription system. Here are some of the reasons:

Higher Click Through Rates

Click through rate of web push notifications is higher than email newsletter. Click through rate is the measurement of click rate. SO with web push notifications you will get more regular traffic on your website or blog than that of email newsletter.

Visitors can subscribe just by one click

It is really easy for the visitors of your website or blog to subscribe for push notifications than email newsletter. Visitors will get a prompt popup automatically when they open your web page asking if they like to allow push notifications on their browsers or not. Visitor just need to click allow only one time and the subscription will complete. It is really simple and easy than subscription with email.

In email subscription the visitors need to give his email where you are not sure if the email is fake or real, if the visitor open the email regular or not. Then there is one more step where they need to click for sending the email to your database.

Instantly delivered

Push notification delivered instantly. If visitors have not open browsers, they will get your notification instantly whenever they open it. Also some web push notifications providers work with mobile. If they connected with internet through mobile then they will get your notification instantly. Even they does not need to open their browsers.

Visitors never can give you fake subscription information

In email newsletter visitors can give you fake email address. But in case of browser or web push notifications there are no chance for visitors to give you any fake content details. The fact that the web browser helps handle the subscription for push notifications on behalf of the visitors is not only great for the consumer, but you as the marketer as well.

No need of special design like email newsletter

There are a lots of thing that you need to think about in case of email newsletter and designing of the email message is one of them. In case of web push notifications you don’t need any design. Just fill some fields: notification title, notification message and notification link. And because the web browsers handle how the notifications look, there is no need to worry about design of the message.

Well, now you have understand why web push notifications is much better than the old email newsletter system. If you notice then you will see that I am also using web push notifications form my blog EyeSwift where you are reading this post now. I am using PushEngage, a great push notifications providers for chrome, firfox browsers and also for android chrome browser. You can also try it for your website or blog.

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