WordPress hosting providers with millions of traffic handling capacity

Millions of traffic WordPress hosting

Most of the time, when a new blogger starts a self-hosted blog using WordPress, that new blog get a very small amount of traffic. This is because when a blog starts the journey, at the first stage it gets very low traffic from search engines like Google.

For the low amount of traffic, new blogs need low resources from the hosting providers. Every successful blogger starts the blogging journey from that low amount of traffic. But with time, they start getting more and more traffic to their blog and some of them start getting millions of traffic per month.

Maybe you are also a new blogger and just started your blog on WordPress. If you continue your blogging with passion then hope you will also become a successful blogger and your blog will start getting millions of traffic per month.

Or maybe you already start getting lots of traffic to your blog and you need a good hosting.

In both of the cases, you should aware of those hosting that can easily handle millions of traffic on your blog. So in this article, I am going to list some WordPress hosting providers that have millions of traffic handling capacity.

List of WordPress hosting providers with millions of traffic handling capacity

Below are some of the great hosting providers that are perfect to handle a WordPress blog that is getting millions of traffic each month:



Kinsta is in the top of this list. This is because I think Kinsta is currently the best-managed WordPress hosting provider. Many popular blogs running on WordPress with heavy traffic are hosted on Kinsta.

On Kinsta, your blog will be hosted on the Google cloud server. Their cloud platform can easily take the load of millions of traffic.

Security is an important factor for any website. So it shouldn’t be neglected. Kinsta will provide high security to your site.

My blog was on Kinsta for almost 1 month and my experience was so great. The only reason I left Kinsta is because of its high-cost fee.



Flywheel is another cloud hosting provider for your high traffic WordPress blog. If you want to feel like home then Flywheel is here. They have their own in house team that is available for 24×7.

This high traffic managed WordPress hosting provider has come with the ability to load your blog in a blazing fast speed even when your blog starts getting millions of traffic with bulletproof security.


WPX Hosting

This is the current hosting solution of my blog. You can browse the blog to check out how faster it is. To be honest, the server response speed is faster than even Kinsta. Even the support team also so active like Kinsta. They just take about 30 seconds to respond in the live chat support.

WPX Hosting has its own Cloud CDN to provide you even faster speed. They are not relying on Google cloud or any other third party providers like Kinsta. Both the server and CDN are made in-house. If you want to start with WPX hosting, then you can use my discount coupon code EYESWIFT50 to get the 50% discount on your monthly plan for the first month.


WP Engine

From the name you can guess that WP Engine hosting provider provide hosting specially for WordPress based website. It can handle millions of traffic on your site and if the traffic crosses the limit, you can contact them for a custom plan.

There are multiple plans available on WP Engine to power your WordPress site with faster loading speed, stability, uptime, performance and so on. You can upgrade your plan anytime when you need.



CloudWays is another popular managed WordPress hosting provider where you can choose from 5 different cloud hosting provider which are Google cloud platform, AWS, DigitalOcean, Linode and Vultr.

On CloudWays, you will have different pricing platform to choose. You can upgrade plan when =ever you see increasing the traffic. You can scale it up with a click and can get up to millions of traffic and even more. They provide your site good performance, security, expert support, control, monitoring and much more.


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So these are three best WordPress hosting providers with millions of traffic handling capacity. Off-course, there are many more WordPress hosting providers that can take loads of high amount of traffic on WordPress hosting providers. But these three that I have discussed in this blog are well-known and trusted.

Some other WordPress hosting provider for millions of traffic is Pantheon, Studiopress, Rackspace and Liquid Web.

I hope, you are now familiar with the high traffic WordPress hosting providers.

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