Different ways of earning from a blog website

By F.A Mollick

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Creating and developing a blog site is not that easy for the first time. It is basically a step by step method and easy to follow guide that helps to establish the individual blog right from the start. This guide does not motivate a person to start blogging. Blogging website is best suited for the person who has already decided to venture out into the blogging field and need just a series of directions to carry out the whole process.

Starting the blog has become quite easy these days but a bit difficult to successfully use it as a source of income. This is because for that one needs to establish the blog website.


How to Earn from the Blog

There are several ways through which one can actually start earning money. These days options have increased manyfold. The various ways through which one can earn money by creating one’s own blog are as below:

• Pay Per Click-is a system of getting paid once you click on the respective bottom.
• Cost per thousand (CPM)-is a marketing term which denotes the price of one thousand advertisement impressions in one webpage that helps to earn
• Sponsored ads- is one of the concrete way to make money
• Affiliate Marketing blog to Promote Affiliate Products- is a very successful method
• Content writing- is another way to earn a living doing an online job
• To Create a simple WordPress store online for free in various Adsense Sites
• To generate money from Amazon and Donations through content
• High Converting Product Descriptions for a specific e-commerce store also help in generating income.

Even few years back also blog sites were not much known to people or encouraged either. Blogging was considered as another hobby. In these past few years lot of things has changed. In 2016, blogging is one of the biggest online businesses which anyone would like to take advantage of it. Being a blogger nowadays no one is solely dependent simply on AdSense for making money online and there are various ad networks through which one can earn huge amount. Honestly, now its time to reorient the traditional methods of making money from blog to adopt a new vision while revising the Blogging related business plan. Depending on contextual advertisements wont help in making enough money one should try out direct or affiliate advertisement sites.

Instead of having one high paying ad it is better to have four low paying ad units. Moreover every site needs to be treated in a different and unique way. Developing a list of emails may help in making a lot of money by building a solid brand while tempting readers to come back time and again to the site time. Although making money online is not a very easy task initially but with time one can actually find it very interesting and try to find out methods that help in increasing the amount.
These are some of the basic level suggestions provided for a new blogger to start earning money online.

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