SEO Friendly URL – The Right Permalink Structure

By F.A Mollick

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Permalink or the URL structure of your blog post plays a major role for search engine optimization. So you always should have a SEO friendly permalink for your site. By default, WordPress permalinks structure looks like this one:

Well, this type of permalink structure is not SEO friendly. You need a permalink which always match with your content keywords and also may be with title tag. The permalink should reflect what your post is about. In many times, new bloggers start blogging without changing this permalink structure and it leads them to failure. They do this mistake because most of the time newbies blogger don’t know about this and does not notice it. So their posts does not result well on search engine because they are using default permalink which is not search engine friendly.

So in this post I am going to tell you which permalink structure is the best so that it will be search engine friendly.


Search engine friendly permalink:

So what should be the permalink structure for your post and how to do it in your WordPress blog site? Which permalink structure should you choose for your posts so that it would be SEO friendly?

Well, you can go to the permalink settings page in WordPress admin panel by going to Settings > Permalink. A permalink always should match with the keywords of the content and it is really good to matching the permalink with the post title. Lets see the below picture:



From the picture you can see that the permalink structure is set to like this one: (/%postname%/)

Yes, this type of permalink is best according to me and I always suggest to use this type of permalinks. And for a news site you need to choose a permalink with post name and the post id according to Google News. In this case you should choose a permalink like below:

  •  ( /%postname%-%post_id%/ )

Lots of bloggers suggest to include the category name within the permalink ( Although it looks fine, but  it will create duplicate of same post in different URL and search engine don’t like it. So I always recommend you to choose the permalink structure which is always for a normal blog site. this is my favorite permalink structure for all time because it shor and meaningful with nothing extra garbage with it. Search engine also can search this permalink for keywords. It is search engine friendly.

And for a news site which need to verify as a news site on Google news always should be this one –  ( /%postname%-%post_id%/ ). This is Google news submission requirement for news site and you should choose /%postname%-%post_id%/ structure.

Thats all you need. Nothing complicated. if you really feel helpful with this article than feel free to share it on facebook , twitter or other social media platform. Also you can comment below if you have any question on it.


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