Do You Need Programming And Coding Skills For Blogging?

We all know that in web development, it obviously needs to know programming language and coding. And a self-hosted blog is also a website with its own domain and server space. So many peoples think that blogging also needs programming and coding skills. They think that programming knowledge is needed especially at the time of building the blog site.

So is that right whatever they think? Does it really need programming and coding skills for blogging?

I am going to give you the answer if it is really needed or not.

Does It need Coding and programming skills for blogging?

First I want to inform you that if you want to start a blog but don’t have any coding skills then don’t worry! You can start your blog and continue blogging without any programming knowledge.

There are many successful bloggers exist who don’t have any kind of coding knowledge. If they can success in blogging without knowing any kind of coding and programming language then why you can’t?

Obviously, you will able to start your blog without any coding skills. You just need to install WordPress on your server within few clicks. After that install an SEO plugin and configure it and then start writing on your blog.

But having some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and PHP will obviously have an advantage for you and as a blogger, it will help you in many ways. Personally, I suggest you learn some basic coding for better control in your blog.

HTML is always my first recommend to know for bloggers. Though most blogging platforms like WordPress has easy to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors, but knowing HTML coding is obviously may helpful for you. A time may come when you face issues with post breaking in formatting.  HTML will work in these types of situation.

Basic PHP knowledge can help you in many ways. In WordPress, PHP can solve many issues. And also you can reduce the number of plugins if you have PHP knowledge. For example, I can easily add anything inside wp_head() using PHP. This will add any code inside the <head> tag.

Also if you know PHP very well then you can build your own WordPress plugin. There are lots of WordPress plugin developers available who are earning lots of money by developing WP plugins.

Knowing a little bit of CSS will help you to modify the color, editing the theme in a little bit by changing or giving border color, padding, margin etc.

What happened if you don’t have any coding knowledge?

There are lots of bloggers available who don’t have any coding and programming skills but still, they are known as successful bloggers. This proves that you can also be a successful blogger if you don’t have this skills.

In reality, there is very few role in having programming and coding knowledge and that’s why there are lots of bloggers who know programming and coding but still they are not using their coding skills in blogging.

If a coding expert is not using coding skills for blogging then it is clear that it is not so important.

There are lots of WordPress plugins available that can be used for many purposes which make the coding skills unnecessary in WordPress.

The most important thing you need to learn about SEO. You should learn about both On-Page and Off-Page SEO which will helps you to improve and rank your blog better on search engines. I suggest you browse the SEO category of my blog which is contained in several important articles on SEO.

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