A food blogger from South Florida made $100000 in one year

Here I come with another earnings report. But this one is not mine. However, I am a long way to make that amount of earning I am going to tell you in this article.

I hope you will fully get motivated and feel the spirit inside you to get success after reading this earnings report. Even I also get inspired and get motivated by reading her income report.

Now I am going to tell you about the income report of a food blogger.

From the title of this blog post, you already know that the one whom I am going to tell you about has made $100000 in one year from her food blog.

I know you are willing to know how she made this amount of income. I am here exactly to tell you about it. But first, let me tell you a little bit about her background and blogging journey.

Her name is Jamie Silva and she is from South Florida of the United States. She is behind the food blog behind A Sassy Spoon, where she writes about home cooks looking for approachable comfort food recipes made with fresh ingredients.


Jamie Silva born in South Florida and grew up with her Cuban parents. She is the first generation Cuban-American.

At a time when she did not start her blog, she was a digital marketing strategist and worked for clients. Even she also worked in a health care industry managing team.

After changing her career a few times, finally, she enters in the blogging field.

Now she is working as a full-time food blogger. She already achieves great success in food blogging. In the year 2019, she made $100000 just from her food blog. She already published her income report on her blog.


Her blogging journey

In 2016, she quit her safe, secure, and full-time job without having any plan of earning source. But things changes when she found another food blog on the internet which is known as the Pinch of Yum’s.

This 80’s kid was watching her mom making food for the whole family in childhood and she also gets her interest in recipes and food. She was so passionate on this which is an important factor needed for a food blogger. But at that time, she didn’t have any plan to start a blog.

Later, she inspired by the Pinch of Yum’s, income report which leads her towards the food blogging.

If you don’t know about Pinch of Yum’s, then know it is a food blog with great success.

Now come to the point and focus on our food blogger.

She also wishes to try publishing her own recipes and someday share her income report too after she inspired. by that blog. So the inspiration of Pinch of Yum’s blog plays one of the major roles to give birth to A Sassy Spoon.

Ultimately she is now a successful food blogger who made $100k in a year.


How she made $100000 in a year from food blogging?

On her blog, A Sassy Spoon she creating recipes and publishing tasty food photographs that love by food lovers.

But what is behind her earnings? What the earning sources of her food blog?

I know, you may curious to know her earning sources.

I am exactly going to tell you this. So keep reading.

If you are already in the blogging world or already have some idea on how many of the bloggers making money from their blog, then you probably know about some of the options available for a blogger to make money.

But $100k is quite more than once need to live an average life in the United States.

So let’s see step by step how she made $100000 in a year from her food blog.

The majority of her income comes by using the premium ad network known as AdThrive. From this ad network only, she able to make $63759.

Other sources of her earnings are sponsored content, freelance photography, business coaching and affiliate marketing.

From sponsored content, she made $29266, from photography $5118.51, from business coaching $18400.63 and from affiliate marketing $789.99.

But is it possible to just start a blog, publish a few content,s and see the money coming to your account? Even it was not so easy for her.

Well, it took her years of hard work to make $100000 from her blog.

To start making money first she had to gain the traffic to her blog. It is not possible to get immediate traffic. So she gave worked with the patient and it gives her the result.

Her total pageviews per month on average was 208K and the total page views throughout the year 2019 is 2,496,355.

The majority of her traffic sources come from Google’s organic search. After that, Pinterest is her second-highest source of traffic.


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